Jack Frost nipping at your nose

aphorism 2

You can cover just about every part of your body, it seems, but nobody made a cute nose-warmer yet. I’ve decided what I need is a very small knitted string knicker, so I can hook it around each ear and have the crotch on my poor freezing nose. I hope everybody is keeping warm this Winter and enjoying the cosy fashions as much as I am.

Meri wears:

!APHORISM! Leather Gloves in Vintage (available in a gacha at The Mens Dept starting Dec 14th)
!APHORISM! ‘Worn’ Lace Up Boots – Off White Flower XS Women (available at The Mens Dept starting Dec 14th)
[Foxes] Aviator Jacket in Ombre Blue w. Fur Collar (Ombre was limited to past No21 event, try mainstore for others)
Little Bones Feline (Prev group gift, try Little Bones mainstore)
Tableau Vivant – Rudolph Kitty/Blue Tabby (The Arcade December)
Sock tops – part of outfit from Dirty Princess (Dirty Princess on Marketplace)
Poison Clockwork Suspenders Outfit (Poison on Marketplace)


Love, love, love these cute boots from !APHORISM! which will be available in four colours  – Black, Off-White, Brown and Tan – at The Mens Dept from Dec 14th for both men and women. The !APHORISM! leather gloves will also be available in a gacha at The Mens Dept and for my money, they are the best combo – original mesh and unrigged so that you can adapt the size, position etc. They come in various hand poses and 3 leather colours – go see more on APHORISM’s Facebook or Blog page.

!APHORISM! Facebook Page

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