The Unwilling Angel

blueberry 1

Tarquin looked so cute in his little Santa Claus outfit that Meri thought it’d be so amazingly cute if she could hook his little hoodie onto the star at the top of the Christmas tree. She dragged the ladder over and propped it against the sagging tree and had just got a hold of a bouncy, overexcited Tarquin when she heard the noise of Thom coming home. Meri dropped the dog and had the distinct feeling she was about to be told off… again.

Meri wears:

Blueberry Tied Suede Skirt for Belleza Venus Mesh Body (Blueberry MainstoreBlueberry Marketplace)
Blueberry Casual Tee for Belleza Venus Mesh Body (as above)
Little Bones – West Coast (Little Bones Mainstore)
REIGN – Not Your Momma’s Knit Boots (Prev group gift – Reign mainstore)
=Zenith= Dream Catcher Tassel Necklace in blue (The Arcade Gacha Event December)


I never get sick of living the dream of my clothes being made for me, so the mesh items that Blueberry is producing to fit the Belleza Venus Mesh Body (along with the standard sizes of course) continue to thrill, because they adapt to fit my body shape. Two more cute items hit the Blueberry shelves in the form of this casual tee and suede skirt in a host of colours. Go get yours!

What do you think?

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