Waiting for beer


After baggsying the pool table, in anticipation of making Thom play against her in due course, Meri waited for her beer. Mmm beer. There is nothing quite like licking the white froth from atop a pint while shredding a beermat, on some chilly afternoon in a pub god-knows-where.

Meri wears:

Clawtooth: Snow Bunny vivacious Blondes (The Arcade December)
[Cynful] Ultschfit (complete outfit – top, trousers, belt and optional scarf – Frost 2014 – see below)
FLite – First Winter Boots in Snow (Collabor88)


Cynful are one of the sponsors of Frost 2014, a Depraved Nation event due to begin on the 13th December. They have produced ‘Ultschfit’ specially for the event and it’s the easiest outfit I ever put on 😀 Basically, it’s complete… you choose colours from the HUD and attach the scarf if it’s cold outside and that – my dears – is that. Go to the Depraved Nation Blog for more info on Frost 2014

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