Belleza Venus Mesh Body DMCA Update

Because I like to help keep you good folks updated with what’s happening with the Belleza Venus Mesh Body (and any other bodies I’ve reviewed), I’m reblogging Belleza’s latest press release here. It looks like good news for the thousands of body owners, creators and designers out there who have invested – and for Belleza themselves.

A previous shot of the Belleza mesh body
A previous shot of the Belleza mesh body


Belleza Venus Mesh Body DMCA Update
From the Belleza Team

We know that there is a huge amount of interest in news about a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notification submitted to Linden Lab against us. We are writing this update to keep you as informed as possible with the latest news.

To recap, on December 1, 2014, we received a notification from Linden Lab saying that a DMCA notification had been submitted to Linden Lab. Linden Lab said that the DMCA notification claimed we had infringed on copyrighted works in Second Life. The Belleza hands, however, are the original content of Tricky Boucher and therefore the notification is incorrect.

Last week, we hired an attorney and worked with him to respond to the DMCA notification. On December 9th, our attorney submitted a DMCA counter-notification to Linden Lab. The DMCA counter-notification states that “the material identified above was removed or disabled…

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2 thoughts on “Belleza Venus Mesh Body DMCA Update

  1. I Would like to know where did yOu get this beautiful black bra?
    I ask the Belleza Company and she say she will put this black bra in the Belleza store and im stil waiting to buy it!
    Please Meri tell me where you buy it.

    THANKS: BeeLeeran

    1. Hey Bee! It came with the Belleza body version I bought. There were some applier undies and a plain set and these. I thought it was fabulous too. I’m sure not sure if or why it’s been taken from the pack?

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