Things To Do

Things to Do

You know how they say ‘Coming… ready or not!’ when you play Hide and Seek? Well, this year it seems like I’m playing it with Santa Claus, only Christmas is coming and I’m not ready…

I’m really trying to be ready, but I’ve been sick the last week or so and am on antibiotics now and people keep telling me to just rest and not worry about anything but mayn! Time is ticking on. I’m trying to console myself by making lists of Things To Do and encouraging the people who wish me to rest to do what’s on them, while catching up on ‘House of Cards’, which I began watching yesterday.

Wish me luck, fashion pundits, for Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, but nobody’s going to get any presents at this rate!

Meri wears:

20.FIVE Mesh Croft Sweater (20.FIVE mainstore in Second Life: 20.FIVE/Ducknipple Marketplace)
20.FIVE Mesh Jeans Temporary with Belt (shown over sweater)
20.FIVE mesh Okkie heels
+Spellbound+ Sweetdreams (The Arcade December)


Loving this sweater which is Winter casual but might also work as a dress if you insulate well. The belt actually comes with the jeans but I cheated here by wearing the smallest size of jeans and the largest size of belt, so that it showed over the sweater, which I think is a nice look.

What do you think?

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