Ride it like it’s stolen

Ride it like it's stolen b

Dawn was just breaking outside the wood-built biker bar, the labels from a hundred beer bottles littering the floor. Meri opened her eyes and, without moving, looked around at the sleeping bodies in booths and collapsed face first onto the bar. It had been a good night, and she had made some hairy-faced friends who swore a blood pact to always be there.

Quietly she curled herself to a sitting position and then hopped down, taking care not to step on any carelessly placed limbs and then walked outside into the sunrise. Lighting a cigarette, she looked lazily at the row of gleaming chrome bikes and chose one.

The sound of the engine roaring into life woke the weary and hungover men inside. One had even made it to the window, as the spray of gravel spattered the glass in front of his face.

Meri wears:

[glow] studio – Clip Necklace ([glow] studio Mainstore)
Ducnkipple Mesh Flameable Boots – Both Mens and Womens (Ducknipple Mainstore : Ducknipple Marketplace)
Blueberry Darla Ponytail Hair from Essentials pack (Blueberry Hair Mainstore : Blueberry Hair Marketplace)
Ducknipple Tuurlijk Bodysuit with colour change HUD (Ducknipple Mainstore : Ducknipple Marketplace)


A leather bodysuit might not be my normal choice of fashion wear but this is so cute! I’ve not shown the back, mainly cus you would just faint. It’s that nice around the buttocks! The boots are dead cute little biker boots and you have a HUD so you can choose the colour of flames to go up the side – or not have any flames at all on the black boots. The hair I showed in more detail yesterday but the high ponytail from Blueberry Hair works so beautifully with this outfit. I felt like Suzy Quatro. If you know who she is… well, you’re quite old.

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