Let’s Dance

Let's Dance

You know how you just sat there for two days doing nothing but eat? Yeah, me too. Today is definitely the day to get up and burn off those mince pies with a boogie. Stick something crazy on and let it all hang out.

Meri wears:

Grafica Charleston Pose – 10 pose pack (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Volstead Liaison Chemise – Honey (Volstead marketplace)
+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Crown (Kustom9)
Mandala Billionaire Fashionista Bracelet White (Mandala Marketplace)
Mandala Onliest necklace full (Mandala Marketplace)
Blueberry Ewa Hair Unicorn pack (Blueberry Hair Mainstore : Blueberry Hair Marketplace)


Another stunning hair offering from new hair store Blueberry Hair, this time called Ewa. It’s available in three colour packs – all generous and gorgeous – the colour shown is from the Unicorn pack. I’ve had this chemise for years but love it so keep bringing it out for happy occasions. The Grafica pose is from a pack called Charleston which is really cute, I didn’t go for the full charleston effect here but if you wanted to, it’d be wonderful for that too.

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