Going Downhill Fast

sledding 2

The sled set off fast – too fast – and Meri became blinded, first by snow and then by Thom’s hands, as he held on to whatever he could grab. With a 7ft man streaming behind her like an odd clothing accessory, Meri plummeted down the slope she had always previously thought of as gentle, until, with a soft thunking sound, their path was suddenly blocked by a substantial snow drift. Thom flew elegantly over Meri’s head and she thought briefly of Condors.

Meri wears:

MadPea Blind Slide sled RARE (Merry Crisis Gacha Fair) (Read all about it on MadPea’s blog)
(Yummy) Oracle Necklace (Prev Collabor88 – Try Yummy Mainstore)
MOON Suede Fringe Bag Midnight Art RARE (Moon Mainstore)
-LaViere- Christmas/Muted Ombre hunt (Inspiration Point Hunt)
Blueberry Nati Mesh Tied Armwarmers (at No21 Event)
20.FIVE Mesh Mustang Jeans (20.FIVE mainstore in Second Life: 20.FIVE/Ducknipple Marketplace)
.:: deeR ::. Mesh Fayne Stilettos for Slink with colour change HUD (deeR Mainstore : deeR Marketplace)
20.FIVE Mesh Lipita Jacket (20.FIVE mainstore in Second Life: 20.FIVE/Ducknipple Marketplace)
20.FIVE Mesh Mustang Top (20.FIVE mainstore in Second Life: 20.FIVE/Ducknipple Marketplace)


MadPea have produced an utterly bonkers and much fun set of items for the Merry Crisis Gacha Fair. The sleds contained in the gacha are fully working (indeed, if you rezz them on a slope and hop on, they’re off at a good pace, so do be careful). Of course, as this is MadPea we’re talking about, they’re not just standard sleds. You can see the full range by clicking on the link to MadPea’s blog above, but I can safely say that I was happy Thom was available to play with the rare Blind Slide Sled with me. The others seem quite, quite dangerous!

The outfit for today is a super fun layered job (some days you just feel like keeping adding stuff is the answer, and today it was!) I have put a couple of raw snapshots below so you can see detail. Schweet clothing from 20.FIVE made zingy with accessories from Blueberry, LaViere and MOON. deeR provide the inappropriate for playing in snow kind of sandals that I love.

Snapshot_006 Snapshot_007

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