The Mesh Body Reviews: Maitreya Lara vs Belleza Venus (naked and unedited)

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I did an in-depth review of three mesh bodies called ‘The Mesh Body Reviews: Belleza vs Mesh Project vs Wowmeh‘ last year. I also did a follow-up review when Belleza brought out an update called ‘Belleza Body Update Review (Topless)‘. I found doing those reviews helped me to figure out which I liked best and why, as well as gaining a lot of feedback from readers and hopefully being a good source of information for other shoppers – thank you so much to those of you who took the time to discuss mesh bodies, I enjoyed reading your comments.

When the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body came out in December, I feigned disinterest. Well, I went over and picked up a demo, wore it around the house for a while, took a few snapshots to show Thom, etc. Of course, I wasn’t nearly as disinterested as I should have been, and here’s why:

1) I was happy with the Belleza body, had settled to it and wore it every day.

2) Many of my favourite SL clothing designers had brought out clothes fitted for the Belleza Venus and I was delighted.

3) I had copious outfit folders saved, all containing my Belleza Venus mesh body.

4) I already have two other bodies, aside from the Venus in my inventory, gathering dust.

5) I do not have endless lindens to play with.

6) I had just been and picked up the 3rd Belleza body update, which fixed the tattoo issue I had been experiencing.

So yes, all good reasons for NOT investing in another new body. But there was something niggling away in my brain – there’s something I like more about the Maitreya Lara mesh body, and that’s the thighs. I know, maybe not a big thing, but it means that with a slight push from a blog reader, yesterday, it didn’t take much to send me over the edge and gallumphing to Maitreya to purchase the body.

As in previous mesh body reviews, I will not hold back on critiquing aspects of the body or the experience. I’m not being paid or sponsored by any of the body makers and I have paid full price for each mesh body I have reviewed. I will attempt to be honest and thorough and hope it is of help. All pictures are raw snapshots taken with Nam’s optimal skin and prim windlight and with shadows off. You can click to see more detail.

The Belleza Venus Mesh Body costs 3995l$ and the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body cost 2750l$

Here we go…

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body

I have deliberately used the same shape to show both bodies. I would recommend making a shape for each body, to suit you and it, but if I did that here, you’d not be able to see the differences so clearly. It’s also worth noting that I used my ‘naked’ shape, which is curvier generally than the shapes I use when clothed.

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body

I’d like to point out a few things in the photo above, the first is that the neck blender on the Maitreya body is incorporated into the HUD, but in my opinion, it does not blur for a sufficient distance to make the blend look natural. With the Belleza, I am wearing their provided tattoo head and neck blender, which does a much more thorough job. Admittedly, as you can see, the skin used on the Maitreya is lighter than the Belleza, which is a closer match for my neck skin in any case, but the Glam Affair skins have a very different tones to my Pink Fuel Candydoll skin and so lighter worked out better for me.

Secondly, you can note how differently the boobs are shaped, how the nipples differ and – more subtly, how the placement of the belly button and shading around gives the Maitreya a flatter looking stomach in comparison to the Belleza (I like Belleza’s little tum, but that’s a personal choice). However, the nipples on the Maitreya are not changeable. You must use the colour nipples that come with the skin, which doesn’t compare so well to Belleza’s offering of 14 different nipple colours.

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body

Well, obviously here the Maitreya butt is bigger than the Belleza, but that’s a lot to do with the camerawoman who simply took the pic too close (doh). It is a good position, however, from which to note that the Maitreya Lara body has more flesh on the inner thigh – and I like that. It looks more natural for a curvy or more ‘everyday’ shape than looking like you’ve had your inner thighs lipo’d off and the extra fat put into your buttocks (as I do usually).

On the downside for Maitreya, you can see that the Belleza Venus has a much more detailed skin and I love the spine and backs of the knees for that detail. I’ll be interested to see if other skin designers offer skins for these bodies. I would love to try some skin appliers from other creators for both. (My reasoning being that I love Belleza skins, but mostly in terms of the body – so far this has suited me fine, I can have the soft face of Pink Fuel and the detailed body of Belleza, whose faces seem just too ‘made up’ for Meri’s facial structure).

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body

Again with the shoddy camera work! Sorry about that… hopefully you can still see that the Maitreya Lara boobs are more rounded and the nipples more central. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but I did note it, so I thought I’d share it. The shoulders are larger on the Lara, and I don’t mind that at all – it looks more natural I think, however, the Belleza detail wins out for me once again with arm definition.

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body

The feet provided with the Maitreya Lara mesh body are very nice. Unsurprisingly, they don’t fit shoes made for Slink or rigged for Belleza, but the body does work with Slink hands and feet too. I’ve noticed some shoe designers are already offering Maitreya rigged shoes in their packages, along with Slink, Belleza, etc. They are changeable to one of three heights, via the provided HUD – flat, medium and high.

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body

These are the hands provided with the Maitreya Lara mesh body and they are fine. I looked carefully all around until I could spot a seam on the back of the arm, just so that I could be sure I was showing the worst possible angle for you 🙂 However, honestly, they fit very well, as they should. They do, however, only seem to come with one hand pose and this can be a major downside for people used to the range of hand poses provided with Belleza.

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body

These are the Slink XS hands worn with the Maitreya Lara body. The XS size is the one recommended by Maitreya for the best fit and no particular guidance is given on issues such as muscle or fat. Therefore I assume this is the best/worst that can be achieved. Again, of course, I cammed until I found the division, it wasn’t blatant or unacceptable from most points of view.

However, what did bug the crap out of me is that there were no appliers for Slink hands and feet to match with the Glam Affair skins included with the Maitreya Lara body. This meant that I had to go over to Glam Affair’s store and buy them, which you’d think would be easy enough – cept it wasn’t haha. Cus the skins in the HUD (shown some way down the page) are simply numbered… and the skins in Glam Affair have names. So that was fun. I spent a while trying on demos until I got a match, noted the name, went back to the Applier section and spent an additional 190l$ on Slink hand and feet appliers, so that I could match them to the Lara body. The Belleza Venus body came with appliers in the pack which match all skin tones included in the HUD for Slink hands and feet. Much simpler. Perhaps this is something Maitreya could consider for an update?

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body

These are the Slink XS feet worn with the Maitreya Lara body. Again I had to cam so I was down looking slightly up to see the gap, I would imagine that most people looking down at your feet from a normal height would not be able to see a gap. Indeed, aside from the Slink body itself (which I don’t own and therefore haven’t reviewed, but I feel it’s a safe assumption that their own feet and hands would work flawlessly with their body) I think the Maitreya so far works best with Slink feet and hands. The Belleza feet and hands were reviewed (to death) in my previous two blogs on the subject.  ‘The Mesh Body Reviews: Belleza vs Mesh Project vs Wowmeh‘ and ‘Belleza Body Update Review (Topless)‘, and the jist was that while the Slink feet fitted great, the requirement to have the torso muscle set to 50 in order to use the hands made it impractical for many women’s body shapes.

belleza hud 1

Ok, now we’re moving onto HUD central. The bain or blessing of any mesh body. Above you can see the hands tab of the Belleza Venus HUD. I’m showing this so that you can take on board the 16 hand poses available. I can’t see myself ever needing more! There are even a couple to assist you in swearing 🙂 There are 20 nail polish shades available and three nail lengths.

belleza hud 2

The Belleza Venus HUD offers other benefits above the Maitreya on the ‘Breasts’ tab. You can choose to have regular or push up boobs, and you can select from 14 different nipple colours.

belleza hud 3The Belleza Venus Skin/clothing layer tab offers 7 skin shades from the Belleza range, plus another 16 skin presets… I use one of those and it’s fab. I found the clothing/tattoo layer off/on buttons a bit cumbersome, and when I’d worn stockings, for instance, if I said ‘off’ and then moved my feet to a different height via the ‘Feet’ tab, the stockings would reappear. Really quite annoying. However! I found a nifty (and free) gadget on marketplace that changed all that. So I’d like to give a public, big ‘THANK YOU’ to Corina Carlberg of Aggressione for creating that and gifting it to us. It simply removes the layers, until you’d like to place one again. Phew!

belleza hud 4

Finally the alpha hud for the Belleza Venus. It’s okay… I’d love to see a much more detailed alpha map so that more sections can be taken out, I’d like for it not to automatically blank out the opposite leg when you select a piece. I’d like more detail especially around the neckline, breasts, butt and legs. In fact all over. Just dice it up small 🙂

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body

Now onto the Maitreya HUD. It has only two tabs. This ‘Skins & Options’ tab deals with skin, fingernail, toenail colours, nail length, neck blender, foot height (cripes they fit a lot in). I’d have liked to see more skin presets, although I appreciate, that’s the full range that Glam Affair offer. You can edit the skin tone, apparently… but I’ve not tried yet. I’ve a horrible habit of buggering things up and I didn’t want to get into a strop before writing this blog.

You can expect 19 nail polish colours with the Maitreya HUD, compared to 20 in the Belleza.

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body

The alpha HUD… ahh. You know, you have to give credit where it’s due, and it’s due here. It’s pretty bloody good! You can take out small sections of breast, shoulder etc. So far, I’ve had no problems with pants either. This tab also deals with clothing and tattoo appliers and looks simple, although I’ve not played with that yet either.

Another HUD item of note for the Maitreya Lara is that it does come with a minimise function, however, this is still huge and needs to be much smaller when minimised.

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body vs Belleza Venus Mesh Body with Blueberry Jeans

I’ve popped this picture in to illustrate what I was talking about in my blog yesterday. I blogged some gorgeous skinny jeans for Blueberry, which I wore with my Belleza Venus body – and in my opinion, it made my thighs look bigger than normal and my lower legs smaller. These jeans (also Blueberry’s new Xale skinny jeans, fitted for the Maitreya Lara mesh body, as well as Slink, Belleza and 5 standard mesh sizes, available from Blueberry Mainstore and Blueberry Marketplace) too don’t exactly fit the legs of the Maitreya Lara, but they are much more like it. I can’t wait for clothes which actually fit exactly to the mesh avatar shape, then I can have my little dumpy legs on show, instead of being forced to be slimmer. Oh the irony, I’d love some jeans that made me slimmer in RL without cutting off my groinal circulation.

An item of note about undies for the bodies: Aside from free applier based undies for the Maitreya, you get a free mesh bra and panties set too. You simply pop them on, consult the included undies HUD and can choose from 16 main colours and 16 ribbon accent colours for each. They are also hideable, individually or completely. Pretty darn nifty!

Belleza also provided mesh underwear – white, nude and black bra and underpants (now wearable and removable independently from each other – hurrah for updates) and a separate bra and string panty in black for the push up boobs. These are pretty cute and sexy and I wear the string panties all the time. I don’t want that to sound grubby… but I can’t seem to help it.


And so the point of all this is???

Well, yet again I’m in the position of wanting a hybrid body. I want all the best bits of these bodies rolled into one and given to me with a bow on top (oh please God, let me not have to shell out for another new body – ever).

BELLEZA – Wins on hand pose choice, skin choice, neck blenders, nipple colour options, boob position function, Slink appliers and narrowly on nail polish. It also has much better body definition, although I can’t tell how much of that is skin based and how much is actual mesh shaping – nice effect anyway.

MAITREYA – Wins on alpha HUD, inner thigh flesh, shoulder size, mesh underwear choice with HUD, price, boob and nipple shape and better Slink hand and feet compatibility.

Sighs. I have the perfect mesh body, it’s just a shame it’s split between two separate folders.

Notes: If anyone is wondering why I didn’t do a four way review to include the Wowmeh and the TMP mesh bodies, the reason is that the Wowmeh is no longer for sale and the TMP system drove me to distraction and so I don’t wear it any longer.

For anyone interested in The Mesh Project men’s mesh body, I’m not intending to review it fully, unless there is a viable alternative (if you’re reading this thinking ‘But I am a designer with a wonderful men’s mesh body and she hasn’t mentioned it as a viable alternative, feel free to send it to Thomas Thaler in Secondlife and send Mericat Ireland a note – I’ll certainly blog it for you), but all the points raised for the women’s body stand, pretty much. It’s nice to look at, much better than the standard men’s avatar and great for naked enterprises. Thom picked up the free version for just that reason. Well, no he didn’t. I picked it up for him, cus I knew the bright whiteness and cacophany of HUDs at The Shops would throw him into a man turmoil from which he might only be able to recover by sinking too many beers. There seem to be several versions, but as far as I can see there are only two reasons for buying it – 1) For being naked, in which case the free version is fine or 2) to wear with clothes, in which case it’s a whopping 5k for the deluxe version – the only one to come with an alpha HUD. T’is pretty tho.

73 thoughts on “The Mesh Body Reviews: Maitreya Lara vs Belleza Venus (naked and unedited)

  1. Lovely review! I have pretty much the same bodies (plus a few) as you – tragic, yes! I wear a skin from DeeTaleZ that I can use on all of my “main” bodies (wowmeh, physique, venus and lara) so the look is consistent. I can happily report that the back of knees etc detail is in the skin – the body differences are not making an impact there.

    I have just put on the lara update (2.0) and am impressed and amused : impressed that the clothing layer can now be alpha’s out, same as undies (on Venus this is still a ‘fixed’ layer so you can (for a party trick) walk around as only your underwear and no body ;p Amused because I find that if you alpha out that clothing layer, then undo that alpha, the clothing texture is not replaced (you can toggle the “pants” icon to replace it though). This is unintended fun, because I was able to turn a pair of plain sheer stockings into cute striped ones ;p The clothing layer does not extend to the foot (which is fair I suppose) so stockings don’t really work there.

    The HUD from Maitreya is still a dream, if BIG!. It feels much more positive than the Venus HUD, in my opinion. I actually have issues with the Belleza Venus HUD – some of the buttons (the clothing on / off) get itchy feet and go and sit on other buttons – borking both, so I have had to replace the HUD several times now.

    I’d like to see the clothing layer section of the Maitreya HUD on its own tab – its the bit we use most, and it would be nice to be able to flick it down in a smaller footprint. I’m a good girl, so this is just my imagination, but if you flick down the current tab to try and shimmy out of, ummm, some clothing item….your captive… or.. friends.. might have run away while conveniently hidden from view by the HUD. Just saying ;p

    And my perennial complaint on all the mesh bodies: You cannot save/reload the alpha settings with an outfit. I have already detailed a solution to this (clumsy, based on notecards) to demo that its easily possible – and a slicker approach would surely be achievable. Just imagine receiving the recommended alpha mapping along with an outfit from the designer, and being able to edit and save that using your body HUD? I think the first body maker to deliver on that will get a huge sales lift!

    Also just tried on the Maitreya Vixen fit mesh dress… no alpha required at all, even in sitting poses – super impressed.

    Thanks for your reviews Meri, I have loved them!

    Whims x

    1. Hi Whims! Thanks for your super reply 🙂 You have some great ideas, love particularly the one about saving alphas for outfits, that would be so great 🙂 Currently I just change in public and rush to hide my nipples and reinstate my legs. Glad you enjoyed the reviews too ❤

      1. TMP has that option now. There are only 6 presets you can save. I do wish I could load my skin and tattoos on the hud

  2. Great review! I was having a hard time trying to find a mesh body that i was satisfy with. I tried TMP and Belleza, but i found them to Barbie doll for me, and finally i got the Maitreya demo and i fell in love of how its more natural. Although i was having second thoughts about finding clothes and skins for it. You helped me a lot, thanks!

    1. Aw I’m so glad Carolinna, thanks for commenting. I know that Blueberry have already begun to make rigged mesh items for the Maitreya body, and both JD and Reign are including Maitreya feet version of their shoes in their packs on sale at events right now – I have JD’s Eve which is at Uber and Reign’s Avantii pumps which are also there I think. x

  3. I have tried them all too and each one had something I liked and hated. I am most impressed with the look of the TMP body but hate their hud and hate their shop even more. It like being swallowed up by an evil marshmallow! I have recently purchased the Maitreya and wow, the hud really makes the difference! So quick, so easy, so friendly. Yes, it needs to be made smaller. It took me awhile to get use to the lack of skin detail, but the reason I went with Maitreya was the mesh head I loved so much was impossible to match to the skin of TMP. With Maitreya, the ability to fine tune the skin tone is a fabulous plus to those wearing mesh heads or use fantasy coloured bodies. So sometimes choosing a mesh body is not always about shape, but rather the whole package available and what you need the most of. Lastly, downsides to Maitreya include not being able to change the foot size (hands, yes) and I do miss changeable hand positions. However, at this point in time, Maitreya is my choice for the skin match to my favourite head and the easy peasy hud. Great review! I enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks Zy, and thanks too for sharing your own experience. I really am going to have to have a play with the Maitreya skin colour fine tuning. I’m just such a chicken 😀 You’ve spurred me on though, so I will try! x

  4. Those bodies are ONLY worth it if you plan to stay naked. Inventories are rendered useless. Alphas are terrible. Typical SL hype.

    1. Hi Yawn, I think my blog and that of many other fashion bloggers proves that it’s not the case that having a mesh body precludes you wearing previously owned mesh clothes and new mesh clothes not made especially for mesh bodies. I always wear a mesh body with whatever outfit I choose. I think a lot of it is down to shape tweaking (reducing body fat, upping muscle to compensate) etc.

      1. Mesh clothing don’t work on mesh body, not without a lot of twiking wich usually end with your AV having a different shape^^, but I use true women bodies (curvy) so I’m sure very smlim and anorexia sick AV can wear anything with any adjustment, so like I say too much, be smart and compare apple with apple and orange with orange.
        Note that the comment is not specifiquely for you but all that mess here

    2. I have to politely disagree with you. Mesh bodies are as good as their rigging and as usable as their huds and are here to stay and not hype,

      Not all mesh bodies/clothing are rigged well and it will take time too develop it’s full potential. My Acacia Lisa was a gorgeous natural body, but rigged differently from the system body and I could find very little clothes for her. In fact her alpha for the top was the entire chest area! That was useless for anything but long sleeved jumpers! At the time I was willing to deal with an avatar that had only a few things she would wear because she had a shape no system avatar could achieve.

      I have tried nearly all the mesh body/heads demo’s and I have to make a point here…one truly cannot make a final decision based solely on the demo, it takes time to get to know how the body moves, how it is rigged when dancing or moving in extreme movements and how easy the hud actually is on a daily basis….they are all a bit daunting at first. And unfortunately the expense can be daunting too, I wish I could have found the best mesh body the first try, but each new body coming out seems to have something better in the offering. In the end the body we choose is the one we personally feel best in and we make concessions to the bits that are annoying. Bloggers are a tremendous help in giving us ideas about what they experience and what they liked and didn’t like.

      As far as rendering system layered clothing useless, that is true. I deleted all of mine because after using a mesh body for a full year now, I will never go back to a body with cankle ankles, flipper feet, lumpy shoulders and splayed hands and layer clothing that looks painted on the skin. Mesh is only going to continue to develop and eventually system clothing will no longer be profitable for creators to make. I have cleaned out my inventory of all useless items I no longer use. I also periodically get rid of any mesh clothing or shoes that didn’t work as I had once hoped. Money wasted? You bet! But I have a learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t and I am making better choices now. A well rigged body and a well rigged mesh outfit are like a dream to wear.

      As far as bikini’s go, I have 5 mesh bikini’s that fit without any alpha’s. I wear plunge necklines on evening gowns and the Maitreya hud has been so well designed in that area. My blog, while very personal and not about fashion reporting is filled to the brim with me in mesh bodies and mesh clothes, ranting about what works and doesn’t and an occasional review from a user’s perspective. Either one is willing to work through the issues of mesh or one is not. Progress is inevitable.

      From reading your comments, I believe you prefer to cling tight to what you are experienced with and that is fine, but to accuse the blogger of photoshopping because you were unable to get a mesh item to fit on a mesh body was uncalled for. All of us have to keep working it, experimenting with shape and alphas and we have to understand that the majority of the time a bad fit is more the problem of the clothing item’s rigging and not the body’s. I hope you find what work for you without resorting to demanding proof and accusations of deceit of bloggers who are sharing their experience with all the new aspects of mesh with those of us who are very interested.

  5. Wrong! Pleas show me blogposts where people have dressed with body on. Not talking about jumpers, talking about skimpy dresses or bikinis….. it’s impossible and therefore renders most of inventory useless. Shape altering doesn’t help much unless you want to look like a 10 year old boy.

    1. Hi Yawn, as I said, I always have a mesh body on under any outfit I’m wearing, since July last year. As I said in the reviews, the Maitreya has the best alpha HUD so far. I hope you’ll agree that my figure is not that of a 10 year old boy too! I’ve blogged bikinis, skimpy dresses and lots more. And, as I blog on average 5 times per week, that’s a lot of clothes I’m wearing with mesh bodies.

      1. If you type ‘bikini’ into the search box, for instance, you can assume every post since July last year includes a mesh body in the pics.

      2. Using alpha on mesh body is adreally outdated and now mostly only used to remove your tits going out your shirt, old mesh clothing was and still meant to normal AV wich is a going down market anyway, now it rigged and perfectly adjusted mesh for a specific mesh body, it do the best result and realism, like peaking under a skirt which was impossible with all the other way just as example ;P

    2. Hi Yawn, I hang out at a club where several people dress and dance with their mesh bodies and clothing on – and they look perfect. Including with very small shorts and tops and plunging neclines. This said I’m not going for a mesh body myself. But yes obviously it works – this said maybe they are selecting their clothing to work with it.

  6. Must be photoshopped then because there is NO WAY the alphas cover the area right above the breast. If it does, it looks strange. I tried 5 different bikinis.

  7. I haven’t been happy with any mesh bodies, especially these two. On skirts or dresses from cold logic, I always have problems with the clipping near the bottom. a bit of leg sticks out and on the breasts on side sticks out a bit more because of how those dresses are rigged or tops, or even new stuff i bought at the burlesque fair or fameshed. It’s really depressing and I’m not going to change my shape even more after the whole getting used to Slink products (which also have these same leg and breast issues) i’m really depressed when I log into SL. Only a few things work and it seems only the bigger sizes in the standard sizing scale work, but I don’t want my avatar bigger or have clothing that looks like it’s too big and doesn’t fit. I really feel like just giving up on SL. It’s really depressing when I see so many bloggers make these mesh bodies work with clothing i too own, but they have larger shapes, that I definitely don’t want. I’m at a real loss with what to do. Not to mention have a huge inventory now because of all these appliers or slight shape tweaks to make things work…

    1. Aw Jenn, don’t let it get you down! I have to admit, a good alpha HUD on a body does help when fitting clothes – even those ones rigged to fit the body specifically. You’ll get there. Sending you all good wishes and hopes it works out in the end.
      It might also be worth saying that I tend to tweak my shape from the original for every outfit… I realise some people may not have the patience to do this but it helps.

  8. I have the TMP male deluxe body.. There are some serious flaws with it, mainly the alpha hud. The angles they chose don’t really match any mesh clothing but the ones they offer. That and there is currently ONE skin on the MP for it. Unless you have the TMP head as well you wont find a match in the skins they offer. I would be more than willing to act as a test dummy if you need one for it.

    1. Thank you Drake, you’re very kind and I will get in touch if I decide to do a proper review of the men’s body. My partner, Thom, picked up the free version and he finds it okay for naked enterprises – the neck blender means that the difference between his current Belleza skin and the ones provided isn’t too obvious. I think the issues relating to clothes are just as it is for the TMP women’s body – or certainly was last time I used it.

  9. Would someone pleasssssssss!! explain to me where the HUD IS?????….For Maitreya Body .
    I have bought.. Esode Bree Skin & Daisy Shape: Slink Physique + Maitreya Lara Appliers & Stylecard L$1,899 and …..Esode Avery Skin & Julia Shape: Maitreya Lara + Slink Physique Appliers & Stylecard L$1,999
    Neither of these packages have the body HUD as discribed above.
    I mean its a lovely shape and skin tone fine….But scant information is provided as to where to find desperatly needed esential components.
    The Eve body for instance comes packaged with the HUD. Alpha channles etc.
    Sadly not so with Maitreyas so it would seem! Very frustrating experiance.

    1. Hi Kate, when I bought the Maitreya Lara body, the HUD was in the package. I’d suggest you get in touch with the sellers if you are having a problem finding the HUD. I hope you get it sorted out soon 🙂

      1. Hi readmeri . What was the exact name of the Maitreya Lara body package you purchased? was it either of the two packages i have mentioned in my above comments, or is it another? So iam assuming you dident have to buy a Slink Physique Mesh Body to make it all work.
        I mean i have the Maitreya body and the skin,and thats fine it looks great…. but no body HUD .
        There are face! huds and bottom! huds but no body HUD at all as described and pictured by the writer of this review above.
        Weird! ppl realy do need to have a very detailed description and HOW TO USE instruction sheet with every item they sell.
        I know iam ranting but iam sure iam not the only one to find themselves in such a position and unable to contact the seller.
        and no information to go on.

      2. Sounds like you’re having a right nightmare Kate. If you leave me your avatar name here, I’ll drop you some info in-world to help you get in touch with the creators, who will be able to help you.

  10. lol….. yes your right readmeri, iam very new to SL,
    Thats very good of you.
    my Sl name is MsSophey Capital M for Ms..and capital S in sophey ..thanks again for your help readmeri

  11. How sad to read your posting Ms Kate McIvor. I was getting near hysterical with Maitreya, it being like trying to do a jigsaw with pieces missing trying to engage the hud…for some reason one part of the avi’s left boob remained uncovered, and clicking on what I thought covered that merely uncovered something else. To me the avi looks a lot more natural, feminine and can be clothed much more effectively without mesh bodies (just my opinion)….no untoward gaps appearing for one thing and at least it doesn’t have those ridiculously shaped boobs and miniscule waist. So the thing now lies unloved in my inventory and I can go on quickly and lightheartedly changing the avi’s costumes……not to mention keeping it’s wardrobe intact. I am very grateful to the advice of one of the mesh body customer services agents who advised me to do what I was happy doing in the game. Been a lot happier since then when I play.

    1. Hi Glad, it might be worth saying that I don’t think poor Kate had bought the body, rather two skin packs with appliers for the body. I got in touch with her inworld and sent her some info which hopefully might have helped. And yes… I can’t help thinking you’re wise to do what makes you happier in SL 😀 We’re all there for fun aren’t we. x

      1. I need your help readmeri. It’s about the Maitreya mesh body again. Another attempt at getting it looking chunkier with more womanly (i.e not perky boobs sticking out at right angles) have failed miserably. Before throwing in the towel I decided to get some sort of push up cleavage enhancer, which I suppose means a skin applier. I don’t have lots and lots of lindens to spend and my second life gaming time is limited. May I ask you where I can get this applier or whatever it is. I do love the skins I have in my inventory now, but realise I cannot get cleavage with them on mesh bodies, which is a shame. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. There’s no way to thicken up the body either is there, which is also a shame. Never mind, one last go at it, then, will leave it alone.

      2. Hey Kate, you’re going to be very happy! Glam Affair brought out a cleavage applier, go read on their website. I simply use the body thickness slider when I want to thicken up my mesh body, hope you sort it! ❤ Meri

  12. I love the Maitreya body but I wish the butt was smaller. Stuff I have made for it by Blueberry looks really big in the butt too, and it’s depressing enough I went back to just the standard shape that at least was me and not someone elses idea of a perfect body. I really thought the SLink one was good but the newest update made years of gacha clothes and other clothes not fit properly. It created tons of clipping that wasn’t their in the previous update. The one thing that bothers me is how negative the mesh bodies have made me feel towards SL. To this day(this post) buying things at C88 that come in standard sizing do not work at all on Maitreya or Slink unless I use a bigger size which then looks silly wearing giant clothes. I can wear the C88 stuff i bought with my normal body, it’s just depressing to me how much the bodies have really made SL unfun. I really wish I could just have the legs of the mesh body but remove the rest, I just want smooth legs. I don’t want the huge butt from Maitreya and Slinks body something with the outer breasts isn’t right with most clothes and now makes a large portion of mesh skirts (rigged for Slink) clip through the thighs. I contacted creators most won’t revisit old things most likely because it was a template someone else made. That specific Slink update made 90% of my inventory (couple 1000 items) irrelevant now. The Maitreya one is hit or miss. Do people still use the system avatar? I just don’t know where to go from there.

    1. Hi Jenn, I think generally I’m in the mindset of ‘nobody says anyone has to wear a mesh body’ and everyone should do what makes them happiest. However, as I might know something to help you, I thought I’d suggest it. Try leaving off the full body alpha provided with the mesh bodies and wearing an alpha only for the legs. Then you can use the mesh body HUD to blank out the upper area of the body completely and just have mesh body legs. You might have to make your own alpha, but it sounds like it’d make you happy.

  13. Whatever happened to breast physics? I grabbed the Belleza mesh body after reading then review and I love that I have the same face and dimensions, but breast physics are attached and they aren’t working?

      1. Really hope so! Maybe other people can see them? I also find by the way that mine don’t seem to work during dance animations which is odd.

    1. Macie maybe you use an AO with animations that have a high priority. A lot dances for example fix the phics moves to static! If you have good animations the physics work perfect when I wear the Belleza Freya body. The Venus and Isis or not my preferred ones so I can’t tell if the work similar good.

  14. I have been so confused with these mesh bodies. I got the free TMP & tried the Maitreya Lara demo but with all these huds/appliers I am lost. I go back to my system avi, which after a mesh body I hate my legs lol 😦 My mesh clothes even the ones I just purchased from Black Rose still don’t fit properly. The details of the Venus seem more natural but the hud is scary. I appreciate your blog, which I stumbled upon to help me in my frustration with “All things Mesh.” I don’t wanna give up but in figuring out the mesh huds & clothes seems to consume my SL & after while I notice I’ve spent hours and haven’t gone anywhere, with anyone…then back to my system body I go…

    1. Aww Brownee. Firstly, sorry it took me a day or so to publish your comment – I’ve been away. Secondly, I honestly think it’s a case of choosing the best of the bodies for you and sticking with it. A lot of making clothes fit is down to adapting the shape you use on a regular basis. I use the Maitreya Lara in all of my blog posts now and before that I used the Belleza Venus, so it is possible. Saying that… some days are just too short to stuff a mushroom eh! Hugs you.

      1. I see there’s a fair coming but not until August about all things mesh & Strawberry Singh is going to do a workshop or 2 but clearly too far away for me but the help I need such a pain. I hate having to adjust my shape for clothes, they take away the curves you want. I will try the Belleza and see if that helps some. Again thanks!

  15. Firstly thank your for all your help you gave me readmarie. I love this review page. I have Maitreya sorted, the Alpha Channels etc on the main body hud. Its an awesome body Model for second Life. I had Version 2.1..but after messing it up at no fault of Maitreya…My own fault…it was the coloured bra and pants set..There is a large button on the hud..DELEATE ALL SCRIPS.
    Whatever you do don’t press it! do get a secound warning on a blue tab. I thought by deleting the scrips i could change my undergarments. To bear skin again.
    However. it simply stopped the whole thing from working the hud…I was stuck permanently with a set of pants and bra i could not remove. Thank fully i went back to Maitreya in world the store at the ground floor back wall there is a facility to send you a new fresh copy. So i did that and received Lara Version 3.4 at no cost. Much better Huds!!.
    What i have learnt by the experience?, they are good ppl to deal with..the body is beautiful…cant fault it. Just whatever you do don’t deleate scrips. Its complicated ok the hud system but i’m working through it ..

    1. Glad to hear you’re happy with it Kate. I had to go look at the HUD to see the Kill Scripts button you mean, but it is there. I’m just lucky I’ve never pressed it 🙂

  16. My friend Lori has this body, and she’s a sight to see, I swear.

    I’ve been Escorting and dancing for tips to save up for this body, And got the first 1,000 L$ down, I cannot wait to get my hands on this one!

    Also, does the Lara support Omega appliers?

  17. I’d like to get the Maitreya Lara body, because I understand it’s possible to use the skin texture files for SL avatars with it. I have a custom skin (loooooong story), which currently I wear on the SL avatar and have applied to Lolas Delicqs. I was able to get a developer’s kit, no trouble, from the Lola’s people. I haven’t even been able to get an answer if there *is* a developer’s kit available, and if someone can get it for personal use. Does anyone know what arcane magic is needed? I’ve filled out the form on the Maitreya site three times now, and haven’t heard anything back.

    1. Hi Rhiannon, as I understand it, there is a developer kit available for the Maitreya and – as you said, it’s applied for by filling out the form on the site. I guess it might be some wait! I was wondering in the meantime if you had looked into Omega system as an alternative way of applying your skin to the Maitreya body? I’m not a creator/designer myself so haven’t had much involvement with it, but have heard it’s very useful. I hope you find a solution soon ❤

      1. I know that the Omega system exists, but not how it works, nor what bodies it works with. Thank you very much for the suggestion!

  18. I have the Belleza mesh body and reasons for choosing it over Maitreya is pretty much the same as the ones mentioned here. For me, it wins on more aspects, then again, like you said, these are like a merged perfect body split in two hihi It’s just tough finding clothes and shoes for Belleza as I keep on seeing ones “exclusively” made for Maitreya. I wish there’d be more nice stuff for Belleza because I’m not going to switch to another type of mesh body anytime soon. thanks for this review, I love it! ^_^

    1. Aw Maia, yeah, I wish we could have the best of all worlds for sure. You’re really welcome for the review, I had a good time doing it.

      All of the clothes on my blog are usually rigged for the mesh bodies and I use a code after the item [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] for instance – that means it has fitted mesh versions for Maitreya Lara, the three Belleza bodies and the two Slink bodies, as well as 5 standard sizes. I think/hope there are more clothes coming all the time ❤

  19. Help me understand why the excitement over mesh bodies. First of all, to get clothes to look right we have to hide the body parts with alpha layers. Second, we need to add extra cost hands and feet, many of each to get them to fit mesh shoes and have different hand poses. Oh yes, and then there is a need for a new head and skins. What it seems like to me is just a way to get more Lindens out of our pockets. Frankly, with the large behinds and thighs that many of the mesh bodies have, I believe than many of the non-mesh bodies and skins available today look more attractive than mesh.

  20. I just wanted to post a follow-up. It’s been over a year now that I’ve had the Maitreya Lara body. I got the 3.5 update when it came out and I really, really appreciated the extra control it gave over the alphas; it makes hiding/unhiding a LOT easier when setting up an outfit. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s just about perfect, for what I want out of a mesh body. I have dropped a couple of requests to the Maitreya support group, as I would love to see the following:
    1) A quick “Show All” button even when the HUD is minimized, to help with getting naked quickly (photo shoots, etc.)
    2) The ability to set fullbright on/off and set a glow level on the tattoo layer for those who play in magic RPGs; to enable things like glowing symbols on the body.
    3) More alpha save slots.

    I am eternally grateful that the body uses the same same texture layout as the SL avatar; that saved me a LOT of grief in porting my custom skin over to it. On a side note, I found I could dramatically increase the resolution of my skin. It turns out although you can upload textures up to 2048 x 2048 to SL, if you apply them to the system avatar, the system automatically resizes them to 512 x 512 when you put them on the skin. The mesh body, on the other hand, keeps them at their full, highly-detailed resolution!

    I’ll just close by adding that I am so happy with the Maitreya Lara that I have since gotten the LOGO Chloe mesh head which I find works VERY well with the body. About the only thing it needs is the ability to respond to facial animation changes in scripts, but other than that I have NO complaints whatsoever.

  21. I wish maitreya would fix the crotch area, its really bad like pulled claydough if your hips are even just a bit wider than standard size!

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