Meri had a little lamb

Second Life Fashion Mesh

Meri had a little lamb

She also had a coat

T’was cosy in the Wintertime

And hid the fact she had a giant bum

Meri wears:

!APHORISM! Winter Coat with Hood – White (Available at The Seasons Story from 10th Jan)
Moon Hair – She Waits (Moon Mainstore)
Zenith Sky Lana Long Dress (Zenith Mainstore)


!APHORISM! has done a good, good thing in bringing out this fabulous, mesh, almost full-length Winter Coat with hood. It is available in 3 patters and 2 colours: Black, White, Aztec ‘Bird’, ‘Lizard’ and ‘Monkey’, at the Seasons Story from tomorrow (10/01/15). I’ll see you there!

Oh! Also, as I took my #jesuischarlie tribute wearing another version of this coat, I will post it here too, with my best wishes for the families and friends of the 12 people who lost their lives.


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