Can I have a pony?

hobby horse final

Meri’s plaintive cry echoes around Second Life, like the cry of the lone wolf, only slightly more princessy. “Can I? Can I have a pony? Can I?”  Such a lifelong passion can only be satiated by more and more ponies, a few unicorns and now, a plethora of hobby horses.

Meri wears:

Sigmund from the MadPea Nutty Trotters gacha (OMGacha Event)
Also, on the floor: Sir Isaac (Rare), Marie (Rare) and Amadeus from the same collection by MadPea
Lamb. Dream On (Lamb Mainstore)
TCSSHOES Cupcake Pumps Gacha – Strawberry Milkshake (Room69 – January)
.O A S I S. Flower Lashes (Room69 – January)
Sweet Angel – Patty Pink Coat Gacha (Room69 – January)




OMGawd I’ve had fun with MadPea’s Nutty Trotters gacha at the OMGacha Event (running 10th – 31st Jan). There are 10 different Nutty Trotters you can win, including 2 rares. In addition, the Room69 event (until the 20th Jan) provided sugary treats in the form of TCS Cupcake Pumps, Oasis flower lashes and this super sweet coat from Sweet Angel, which also comes in various colours/textures with a couple of rares.

What do you think?

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