Meri’s heart beat almost out of her chest and she fought the urge to pull her knees suddenly together; to protect herself. Because she didn’t want to give up that small piece of control and she wanted this to happen very much. Adrenalin shot through her veins, threatening to make her shake and look scared, and she tried to suppress its effects, because this wasn’t fear, it was anticipation.

Meri wears:

Ducknipple Mesh Liz Dress (Ducknipple Mainstore : Ducknipple Marketplace)
Construct – Colored Luster Orange (Room69 – January)
Ingenue Bertille Belt Coffee (Ingenue Mainstore)
Mandala Pearl Rain Season Short Cream (Mandala mainstore)
Reign Promiscuous Heels (Project Limited)
Little Bones Birdie (Project Limited)
Ariskea Hipsty Glasses Leogirl (Project Limited)
RYCA Combination Bracelet Watch Gold (Marketplace)


This simple, elegant dress from Ducknipple comes with a colour change HUD so you can mix and match the top and bottom half of the dress to make some fabulous combinations. I went for earth colours today because I feel they are the most sensual. As you can tell, I also picked up some bits from Project Limited that I had wanted, including the Little Bones ‘Birdie’ hair which was given away as a group gift in tones named ‘ink dip’. I loved it so I wanted the blondes, of course.

I read all your horoscopes for today and they lead me to one perfect path of progress for all 12 signs – go shopping!

What do you think?

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