5 days a week

5 days a week

(Click to see full size version on Flickr)

What would you say if I told you that you could have each outfit – 5 days worth – shown above for only 500l$, that’s 100l$ per outfit and that includes shoes and some other accessories? Well, I was seriously impressed. Just add hair and you’re ready to go.

Monday – SLX Outfit Desie incl leggings, boots, sweater & shirt (SLX Outfit Shop MarketplaceMainstore)
| Moon Hair Isolation (Moon Mainstore)

Tuesday – SLX Pilot incl heels skirt, top, necklace and glasses (SLX MarketplaceMainstore)
| Little Bones Sapphire (Little Bones Mainstore)

Wednesday – SLX Outfit Gwen incl Top, Jeans, Belt, Boots, Arm cuffs and Cat Ears (SLX MarketplaceMainstore)
| RA Nicki hair Duos (RA Marketplace)

Thursday – SLX Dora incl skirt, top, shoes (SLX MarketplaceMainstore)
| Blueberry Hair Darla (Blueberry Hair Mainstore : Blueberry Hair Marketplace)
| Mandala Pearls (Mandala mainstore)

Friday – SLX Outfit Snotje incl Sweater/shirt, Skirt, Shoes/socks, Watch (SLX MarketplaceMainstore)
| Lamb. Dream on hair (Lamb Marketplace) | Azoury Pure Papillion Red (The Secret Affair – to 29th Jan)
| C’est la vie messy bag – knit & canvas choco (prev gift n/a but here’s C’est la vie Marketplace)

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