Mini movie review – Mazerunner


I’m just back from a few days away in RL with the boy wonder for his birthday. He’s reached a number which doesn’t seem very likely to me. I tried suggesting he pick a more realistic one but he’s a stickler for going with actual facts, rather than gently floating with the flow and making it up as he goes along. Thankfully, I don’t suffer from that and love, love, love to make it up as I go along.

We decided while we were away that we might review a few films we see, if they are either particularly good or bad, or comment-worthy.

The first is Mazerunner, which we settled down to watch on a cold January day, having had a bacon sandwich and with a beef bourginon in the slow cooker for later. We sat on the bed, because the sofa where we were staying had special ejector cushions on it which looked comfy, but then spat you arse-first onto the carpet. I know what you’re thinking – this is not a sofa review, get on with it Meri.

So… the movie. I liked the sound of Mazerunner as it was adapted from a young adults’ novel and I’ve not progressed far beyond that in terms of my tastes. I had thoroughly enjoyed The Hunger Games movies and books and so sat down braced for some innocent adventure and trials to be overcome. The main character – Thomas – played by Dylan O’Brien looks like Kevin Bacon’s love-child. He has Bacon nose. Sadly, he did not inherit the acting talent of his ‘dad’, and the whole performance was rather underwhelming. The other kids were better, particularly Thomas Brodie-Sangster (little boy with pretty face from Love Actually) and Will Poulter (who has historically played troubled young men and continues with that typecasting here – if he ever wishes to break that mould, he needs to sort out his eyebrows, just sayin’). There was also a cute, curly-haired chubby little boy to give us the ahh factor.

So the plot is as follows… Thomas arrives in a crate with no memory or idea what’s going on, guys say ‘Hey Man, we live in the centre of a maze, kinda, but we’re fine with it’, Thomas is like ‘I not be down with that shit, man, I want out’ and they say ‘no’. Life continues for a while in this vein and I missed the next bit ‘cus we had to stop and have some quality time. I mean really, one lapse for affection is allowed per home cinema session, it doesn’t have to mean the movie is crap.

We restarted the movie a little while later and Thomas was deep in the maze, fighting the bad things, which were like huge half robot, half alien spiders. He killed one, I was impressed, as were the Lost Boys. They be like ‘He is so good’ and the troubled young man, named Gally, says ‘No, he be bad, lock dat shit up’. So they did.

The action was good and I enjoyed the running and the monsters and all that… but it was short-lived then it got boring again for a while. They sent a girl up with a note saying ‘Last one ever’ which was odd, because there hadn’t been any other girls – and the last what? Girl? Shipment? Person? It was obviously meant to be mysterious! The girl was played by Kaya Scodelario who appeared to be the person they got because they couldn’t get that miserable chick from the Twilight movies. They certainly had been to the same hairdresser and facial expressionist. Anyway, she was pointless, just someone to wander around falling over things, having a face like a smacked arse and hanging around the hospital tent with a flannel.

We had to take another break here. I’m not saying we had to do it again because we’re so young and hot, we were quite literally just that bored with the film.

Anyway, ultimately, the film ended. We didn’t even get moist eyes when the chubby kid died in the arms of our hero.

Thom (my Thom, not the Kevin Bacon-son Thomas) said ‘Well, that was crap’ and I was forced to agree.


Meri wears:

Wimey Branching Out Cuffs Silver  (The Secret Affair)
V.e. Let This Be Your Lst Battlefield Belted Tunic S Navy (The Secret Affair)
[e] Cassidy Hair (Elikatira Mainstore)
Glamistry Eranthis Heels (Glamistry MainstoreGlamistry Marketplace)
Worn with Maitreya Mesh Body


This is all about the shoes. On the first day, the Lord made shoes, and they were good. On the second day, he made a HUD to easily change the shoes, especially useful for if you bought additional colours, and it was good. On the third day, Meri wore the shoes and all the angels in heaven and on earth sang a song of joy. Yeah, I’m a bit nuts today, but basically, these Glamistry shoes inspired the whole outfit and I love them. You can go click on my Flickr (not a euphemism) to zoom in and see them close-up.

2 thoughts on “Mini movie review – Mazerunner

  1. Love love the shoes and the colour hud – I find myself clicking and buying a new colour just to match my outfit. I went to see the film with my 12 year old son who had read the series – he preferred the book:)

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