He won’t dance

He won't dance

Meri tapped her foot impatiently. He was never going to ask her to dance, was he? Maybe if she stood with her back to him for a while, he’d get the message – that message being ‘Get up off your ass and dance with me, pretty boy’. Meri liked a guy who knew how to enjoy himself.

Thom sat back and sighed. He disliked this part of meeting women. The truth was that he had two left feet and if he got up to dance like she so obviously wanted him to, she would no longer think he was cool. And cool was what he had to offer until he knew someone well enough to be silly.

Little did Thom and Meri know, if they’d not had this dancing stand-off so early in their relationship, they could have enjoyed many liberating, downright uncool and occasionally anti-social adventures together, but no… it was not to be.


BellePoses – Renata (Room69 – From Feb 1st)
Construct – Mesh Neon Lights and Leather Seat – colour and animation change (Room69 – From Feb 1st)

Meri wears:

AviCandy Lace Back Seam Classic Grey applied to Maitreya Lara Body (AviCandy Mainstore : AviCandy Marketplace)
Mandala Takara Bangles (Mandala Mainstore)
Zibska Vespera Headpiece and Necklace (Uber)
Black Haus Metallic Gold Shoes for Slink feet (Room69 – From Feb 1st)
Aparecium Deletrius Black Mesh Dress ((Room69 – From Feb 1st)
Little Bones Tarot (Little Bones Mainstore)
Undancing Boyfriend (Model’s Own)


Of course, this is not how it happened at all, but if cool could have broken us, it would’ve had a go. Thom will always be cooler than me, but then, who isn’t? Some more fabby items shown here which are coming up at Room69 for February, the Aparecium Deletrius dress has a slightly grecian feel to it that I like, the metallic shoes from Black Haus come in various colours, but I stuck to gold here for my disco diva. Zibska at Uber provide another irresistible jewellery set with colour change HUD. The pose from BellePoses spoke of Meri’s impatience eloquently and the lights and seating from Construct at Room69 provided a Valentine’s theme, but is colour change and modifiable (you can remove any parts you like). The stockings from AviCandy are lush, as usual. AviCandy’s mainstore has just undergone a major redesign and new location, and she does appliers for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and Omega – oh, as well as the standard avatar of course. Go see!

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