My Gym Body

Work it out

People often say to me, “Meri, how do you keep your ass so rounded?” and the answer is simple. I visit the gym several times a week. Of course, when I say I visit the gym, I mean that quite literally. I drop by, wearing my most casual gym attire, hang out by the watercooler, use the vending machine to get chocolate, and then sit and eat it while watching the gym bunnies hop. You should totally try it 😉

Meri wears:

Cynful Dime Piece Sweatshirt (TDR Fusion from 30th Jan)
DirtyMind Denim Joggers Grey (DirtyMind mainstore)
LC Love Hate Sneaker Grey (LC Mainstore in Second Life)
Tram A816 hair (Tram Mainstore)
Worn with Maitreya Mesh Body
Chocolate bar – mine and you can’t have any


Cynful have put out these super little mesh hoodie sweatshirts at TDR Fusion this week. You can snap one up for about 70 of your measly earth lindens. Not bad eh? They come in 3 colours. The other worn items are not brand spanking new but are old favourites that I wear down the gym. If you’d like to visit this gym, it’s called Alpha Gym and aside from working up a sweat exercising, there are other ways to get all hot and bothered *nod nod, wink wink*.

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