Little Red Riding Hood Revisited

little red riding hood revisited

Meri set out through the woods once more
Her Mum had made cakes for her Granny to score
Granny had said she’d no appetite for much
But Meri saw crumbs in her moustache and such

A rustle of leaves as she crossed wooden planks
and Meri looked backwards for Wolf’s furry shanks
The silence was deafening, the tension up high
Meri saw t’was no wolf, but Granny’s dog ‘Psy’

Meri had no love of her Gran’s Gangnam Style
But Psy was quite cute and walked with her a while
‘Til she reached Granny’s safe and sank a cup of tea
For t’was on the way home the wolf ate her you see.

addams details

Meri wears:

Grafica Awel Pose (full length in pic 2 and in pic 1) (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Dirty Princess Daddy’s Riding Hood Princess Goody Basket – Part of set (Dirty Princess Marketplace)
Tableau Vivant Neve Hair Blonds (Tableau Vivant Mainstore)
Addams Outfit Tyra incl. Military Jacket, Pants, Dr Addams Boots, Hoodie & Shirt and Bow-tie to wear under jacket (shirt not shown here) HUD to change under-top colour, bow-tie colour and belt. (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Short top shown in bottom pic –  Motiame Duffel Coat under (Motiame Mainstore)
All worn with Maitreya Lara Body


Addams releases another full outfit – this time called Tyra. It’s pretty darn cool. Pants with colour change leather belt, Docs that are just so cute, Military Jacket that just begs to be worn over and over again and optional tops – a hoodie and a shirt and bow tie – colour change with various changeable options. What a bargain! In case anyone wants to dispute my claim to revisit ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ – I’m wearing the red hoodie in the top photo, with a red hat and it is a modern twist. 😀

What do you think?

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