Gone Feral

gone feral final

Thom: Good pic

Thom: Where am I ?

Meri:   lol

Meri:   You’re not there, that’s why I had to go feral – to survive

Thom: I see

Meri:   Probly you were late

Meri:   Or stayed too long at the pub

Thom: I’m never late

Meri:   Doesn’t take long for me to go feral

Thom: Ahh yeah I spose

Meri:   I wipe mud on my face and hunt small animals

Meri:   Frighten the postman etc.

Meri:   Frighten postman/shag postman/eat postman

Thom: Hahaha

Meri:   Next day.. new postman!

Thom: They’d suspect

Meri:   I’d eat them too

Meri:   Don’t worry, when you get back, all it’ll take is a bath and a McDonalds

Meri:   I’ll be salvagable


If the world seems to have gone mad, that’ll be down to MadPea once again and their new interactive game – BURIED. All MadPea items shown are available from the MadPea store on the BURIED sim and also on MadPea Marketplace.

Read more about MadPea’s BURIED game and how to play on the MadPea Blog.

MadPea Buried items for sale:

Clockwise from front left –
MadPea Buried Wearable Axe Pack – rez version
MadPea Buried Mesh Tent
MadPea Buried Compass
MadPea Buried Water Bottle
MadPea Buried Survival Knife
MadPea Buried Best Sellers written by Lily
MadPea Buried Binoculars
pr!tty Turtle Table with blanket (prev gift from pr!tty – try pr!tty mainstore)
MadPea Buried Driveable Boat – from rezzer
MadPea Buried Fishing Pole – on boat

Meri wears:

Piccara Training Pants Camo (Piccara Mainstore)
Blueberry Tank Top for Maitreya (Blueberry MainstoreBlueberry Marketplace)
Coco Bandana Camo Woodland Scarf (Prev. gacha item, try Coco Mainstore)
Reign Not Your Mommas Knit Boots – (Prev group gift – Reign mainstore)
Little Bones Frostbite – (Group Gift at Little Bones Mainstore)

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