Red or Dead

meri falling III

Some of you will know of a store named Red or Dead, particularly iconic in the 80s and 90s. When I was in my late teens, we were lucky to have one in Hockley, my favourite area of Nottingham. I’d go with my friend Angie, who I adored for many reasons. Firstly, I had junked my A-levels and gone working in a factory sewing underwear and most of the women were really scary. I’d sit eating my sandwiches at lunchtime and these horrible articles would discuss their sex lives in great detail… I’d gag just listening to them and not be able to eat. It would be fair to say I didn’t fit in well – they all thought I was up myself – and then a girl walked through the door with a mowie, a limp and a smile. It was Angie (bet you’re so surprised!). I felt better once I had a friend at work and sometimes we used to go into Hockley to admire the things we couldn’t afford, buy the things we could and generally feel like cool and happening mofos. She was badass… she dyed her hair pillar box red and was very punk. I found out after a while that her limp was due to her having a false leg, which made me admire her even more. When I left the factory to go back to college, Angie dug out a piece of her leg with a knife and gave it to me, along with a lock of her hair.

Red Lady II

Meri wears:

AviCandy Fleur Lingerie in red – for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Standard (AviCandy Mainstore : AviCandy Marketplace)
Little Bones Lovestruck Reds – in picture 1 (Little Bones Mainstore)
Pose in picture 1 – Grafica Marionetta (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Spirit Charlotta highpants & suspenders in Gray (Collabor88)
Blueberry Hair Babette – Essentials – in picture 2 (Blueberry Hair Mainstore : Blueberry Hair Marketplace)
Glamistry Calystegia Heels for Slink (Glamistry MainstoreGlamistry Marketplace)
Datum Twilight Tattoo – Standard, Slink, TMP, Omega, Belleza (Room69 – Til 20th Feb)


It’s perfectly okay to layer over lingerie, imho. That’s pretty much all I have to say about this super sexy offering from AviCandy. You can wear it to be sexy and almost naked, you can wear it to be dressed and sexy. You can wear it for nights when you want to start out kinda casual rock chick, and end up kinda naked cock chick. Is that rude? I do apologise 🙂

Loving the Charlotta highpants by Spirit available at this month’s Collabor88 and the Glamistry Calystegia elegant heels come with that dangerous HUD Glamistry do… you know, you’re standing at home getting ready and you put them on and attach the HUD to see what colours you own to find that there is a different colour you don’t own which would work just perfectly, and so you can simply PRESS IT AND BUY IT AT HOME. Agh! Evil geniuses.

I fell in love with Lovestruck by Little Bones and bought 3 packs. Boo. I work to pay for Nova Monroe’s champagne breakfasts you know… I really do! Gosh I hope she enjoys them. In the second shot, I went for Blueberry Hair’s Babette which has that sexy little fringe from under which I peep at Thom seductively (he always misreads and thinks it’s murderously, but I’m just playing).

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