Winter Morning

winter morning

Sunshine on a Winter morning is to be absorbed as fully as possible by the reclining reader. Complaints of frostbite and shivers should be offset with a snuggly coat and a cup of tea. The book itself provides a distraction and takes the reader away to distant shores where the waves beat on a silty cove and a band of pirates plot the demise of their leader. Yo Ho Ho! Meri – but leave the bottle of rum until later.


Toro Campuyo Hammock Monochrome (Kustom9 February)
Tram A816 hair (Tram Mainstore in Second Life)
Cynful Skinny Jeans Maitreya Lara Add-on Skinny Boot Pastel Pink (Cynful Mainstore : Cynful Marketplace)
.:BvddyX:. Queen Bear Coat and Crop Top (Kustom9 February)
JD LouLou Boots and Socks for Maitreya (JD on Marketplace)


Kustom9 is really good this round. I found some fabulous items, not least this gorgeous hammock from Toro. Toro began mainly as a clothing and accessories designer, but has recently moved into home furnishings and they are just gorgeous. I’ll give you a ‘for why’… this sweet hammock comes with 6 poses I think, and some of them include a book, which just appears in your hand. None of this messy and awkward ‘receiving an item and then attaching it to your avatar’ business.

Cynful have brought out some jeans in mesh which come with various add-ons. Do let me explain! With Cynful, you buy a colour pack which contains a HUD and the standard mesh sizes, and you can then get the ‘add-on’ mesh for one of the mesh bodies, for instance. In this case, ‘experimental Maitreya’. I found the sizing to be pretty good, aside from my hips pushing out a tiny bit when I upped my legs muscle to more than 55. I did this because Meri has good, healthy, peasant girl legs, suitable for climbing small mountains and chasing goats.

In other news, JD re-sent the LouLou boots out to all those customers who had previously bought the boots. Whyever did JD do that? Because they updated the pack to include a Maitreya compatible version. Hurrah for JD and updates and voluntary re-sendings. Hurrah!

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