It’s a man’s world

Rebel Katana

This is a man’s, man’s, man’s, man’s world…and it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl. Least that’s my excuse. !APHORISM!’s Wool pants for men and Grafica’s katana pose set are both offerings for the Men Only Monthly event in Second Life which begins tomorrow – 20th February and runs until the 14th March. Just the mention of a ‘Men only’ event makes me want to crash it. You should see me crashing the local boy scout troop meetings.

The mention of a Men Only ‘Monthly’ however, makes me pause for thought. I don’t want to go if they’re all going to have pre-manstrual tension.

Meri wears:

!APHORISM! Wool Pants Khaki (Men Only Monthly)
Grafica Katana 5 pose plus 5 mirror set, plus left and right handed katana swords (Men Only Monthly)
CandyDoll Cage Bracelet Brown (CandyDoll Mainstore)
Miamai Lou Glam Hat Flour (Miamai Mainstore)
Little Bones Vanity Eros (Little Bones Mainstore)

What do you think?

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