Haute Mamma

du jour II

Most times in Secondlife, I go for the casual look. Today I went for the designer and expensive look with a cherry on top. You too can obtain this look by simply following the instructions below. As today is Friday, I’m definitely even more chipper than on other days of the week. I finished my work yesterday and so had a lie in this morning and then discussed cake in some detail with my friend Wynn. What a great start to the day!!!

Meri wears:

Du Jour Narcissa Dress (Du Jour Mainstore : Du Jour Marketplace)
Livalle Evoke Platform Boots (Livalle Mainstore)
AviCandy Fleur Lingerie Stockings Red (AviCandy Mainstore : AviCandy Marketplace)
Little Bones Feline hair (Little Bones Mainstore)
AsHmOoT Accessory from Outfit #16 (AsHmOoT Mainstore)


I was pretty sure this dress from Du Jour wouldn’t lend itself well to Meri’s curves, but in fact, it has a beautifully curvy shape. I’m wearing the small which gives a small waist, defined bust and ample hips and ass enough to keep me happy. It is worn in two mesh parts – firstly the dress, and secondly the ruffles, which sit snugly against the dress mesh so it looks flawless. The advantage of this is that if you wanted a simpler look, you could simply wear the dress without the additional layer.

A monochromatic look is always crying out for a dash of colour, and so I went for the stockings of AviCandy’s Fleur Lingerie which are gorgeous and easy to apply to my Maitreya Lara body.

What do you think?

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