aphorism boots

What do you do at lunchtime? I used to grab a sandwich from the shop, take it back to my desk and eat it while I continued to work – but that’s no fun. These days, I take myself off to somewhere beautiful, roll up my pants and dip my feet in clear-blue, beautiful waters, imbued with restorative properties, and feel the warmth of the sun on my back.

aphorism boots detail

I think about beautiful things, like how it would feel to be a fish, or a bird. Or a bird that could swim. I think about which superhero I’d be. I think of the creak and smell of warm leather and how flowers unfurl their petals in the morning. I do not think of work.

addams jacket

After I’ve dried my feet in the sun and when it’s time to return to the office, I replace my shoes, put my litter in the bin and give myself a little shake back to reality.

Meri wears:

!APHORISM! Leather Ankle Boots Female Chestnut (N-Twenty1 Event)
Addams Striped Jacket with shirt (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Ronsem Rollup Jeans – light/female (Ronsem Mainstore)
Maxi Gossamer – Gold Heart Key Medium (Maxi Gossamer Mainstore)


The gorgeous !APHORISM! Leather Ankle Boots are for men and women and are available in 6 colours: Brown, Chestnut, Dark Brown, Black, Onyx and Cream at the N-Twenty1 Event (man I wish they’d stop changing the format of that event name, we’ve had N-21, No21 etc. It really screws with my categories, but I digress!). Apparently the creator has had a few requests to do a Slink flat feet compatible version too and it is his intention to do that as an update, to satisfy the leagues of ladies out there with mesh bodies and Slink feet.

The Addams Striped Jacket and Shirt is a triumph of tailoring once again. It comes with options to have the jacket open, closed, rolled-up sleeves, rolled-down sleeves, etc. etc. So, go take a look – no, I insist. Take your feet out of that lake and walk you wilful shopper, you!

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