Ugh Chores

MadPea spring cleaning whole

It’s time to Spring Clean! Drag down your curtains and wash them and make sure all your windows are sparkling, take up the rugs and wash the floor, get out all your Spring and Summer clothes and launder them ready for ironing, clean your shoes, sort your wardrobe, clean the bathroom and – if it all gets too much – invite some friends over to help.

MadPea Ironing board etc

Elbe came, but she just leaned on the ironing board and looked a little bored.

MadPea Wardrobe

Iain came too, but he said he’d settle ‘out of the way’ to ‘work the kinks out of his back’.

MadPea Mind Health

I lit some joss sticks and a scented candle, so at least the room would smell nice, even if it was still messy.

MadPea shoe cleaning

And took a seat on the vacuum cleaner myself, so that I could chat to them for a little while. Ah okay, you got me. The truth is, I invited Iain and Elbe over to distract me in the first place. I’m great at starting jobs but not so much at finishing them!



I wanted to show you some of MadPea’s fabulous Spring Clean items available from The Arcade Gacha Event this month. They’re all between 1-3 Li and are exclusive for the duration of the event (available at MadPea mainstore after). You can have a go for 50l$ or 10 goes for 500l$, lol.

Each set has been lovingly crafted and three of them (Space for Dreaming, Wrinkle Free and Dust Free) include poses. The Pure Mind set is scripted to glow and emit smoke particles. All sets are 100% Original Mesh and were made by Electronic Mode, textured by Wavie Haller, Harter Fall & Axiomatic Clarity and scripted by Gaius Tripsa, with Poses by RAG Randt.

My favourite, favourite has to be the wardrobe, although I loved the hoover and rugs too. Go get yours!

Many thanks to Iain and Elbe for coming over, looking ‘normal’ as requested and being patient. You’re amazing models 🙂 Also thanks to Lalita who suggested ‘Ugh Chores’ as a title in the club last night 🙂

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