Cold Hands

Cold Hands
Cold Hands – Click to view larger image

I’m baaaaack! Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Thom and I were away spending time in the countryside. We saw crocuses, snowdrops, bees, a squirrel, two pheasants and a red emperor butterfly in the garden, and a very bossy cat who I let in and who then didn’t want to leave, so Thom had to pick him up and put him out. He was most disgruntled – the cat, not Thom.

We also saw several films, one of which was The Babadook, so in the spirit of the promised occasional movie reviews, I thought I’d do a write up.

The Babadook is a 2014 Australian (probably indie and reasonably low budget) horror film, without all the clichéd horror images. It starts off pleasantly enough to lull you into a false sense of security.

The lead actress, Essie Davis, is very good and I told Thom how she was a ‘Tena Lady’. He didn’t know what that meant but I explained, she’s the kind of lady who looks very fragile and yet isn’t that old, she’s kinda blonde and wiped-out looking and thus, the ideal person to use in adverts for ‘Tena Lady’. Initially, she’d be sitting around looking sick and frail and then, once she knew her wee drips weren’t going to show through her white cotton rolled-up pants, she’d go cavorting on the beach with her golden retriever and develop the kind of glow only a discreetly placed pantie-pad can give you. But, when I googled her, I saw that she didn’t normally look that way at all, so the character design and make-up must have been good. Anyway… back to the movie.

There aren’t many characters in the Babadook, leading to a sense of isolation for the main two – the mother and son – and you can’t help wondering how much of what happens is real and how much is a nervous breakdown.

We had to stop this movie part way through because we both fancied stretching our legs. I went for a ciggie and Thom pried his hands away from his face, where they had been shielding him from the worst of the suspense. He ate several of Tesco’s raspberry nipples to comfort himself.

I won’t spoil the plot but, as horror films go – and I don’t normally like them at all – this was good. It was suspenseful, intriguing, scary with some jumps but nothing you weren’t already anticipating with a horrible rumbling low level of dread in your stomach.

Daytime rating 8/10
Aftermath rating 7/10 (I didn’t want to go to the toilet alone)

Meri wears:

Blueberry Serala Flare Jeans (Blueberry MainstoreBlueberry Marketplace)
tram B426 hair cork (Tram Mainstore in Second Life)
League Vintage Scarf Aubergine (League on Marketplace)
Chemistry Parka Coat – Olive (Chemistry on Marketplace)
Aphorism Long Sleeved Crop Top – Striped (!APHORISM! Mainstore : !APHORISM! Marketplace)
Glamistry Nemesia Ankle Boots (Glamistry MainstoreGlamistry Marketplace)


Blueberry have brought out these gorgeous flared cuff Serala mesh jeans to try to appease everybody. I shall explain how. Firstly! They have heard me moaning that the original rigging for Maitreya and Belleza left me looking too slim and slinky and my bottom too pert (I know, you just can’t please some folks) and so the lovely Mishi has done a curvy version to appease me. I flatter myself it’s me, but it’s not really, she’s just listened to her customer feedback and decided to do what she can to help, ‘cus that’s how she rolls. Also, each pack contains 5 standard mesh sizes, new Slink, Maitreya (experimental) and Belleza. What she means by experimental is that Maitreya have still not brought out their pack thingies for clothes makers to rig their mesh to – or something – and so she has done her best using her knowledge and presumably, her Maitreya body, to work it out. The results fit me pretty darn good, although of course you need to use the alpha HUD.

You can only see a tiny bit of the !Aphorism! striped crop top here but I wear them loads, they’re so cute and they fit so nicely. I blogged them last year along with the crochet waistcoat they were released with, you can go see here.

Glaaaaaaaaaaaaaamistry’s Nemesia Ankle boots are worn by me a lot, they are my go-to heeled boots and this is partially because I can change the colours to complement an outfit, and partly because they are always on the top of the huge pile of boots and shoes that I leave at the bottom of the stairs. You can see another pic of the boots here.

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