Last Woman Standing

aphorism iii

They said there were survivors in the East, maybe fresh water, rations, shelter…
Meri pulled the brim of her hat down to shield her face from the hot sun and dust, and pressed on through the soft, torturous sand, ears alert and listening for any sound, any whisper that more trouble might be on the way. She might look like an easy target, but the idea would be their downfall, as it had been to so many others who thought they might steal what little she had and leave her body to the crows. She was the last woman standing and, as such, the most fearsome creature on the planet.

Meri wears:

MadPea Buried Water Bottle (For sale on the Buried Sim by MadPea games)
Grafica Katana pose and sword (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
random.Matter Rhonwen Hat (Bought at Uber Event)
Little Bones Papercut (Little Bones Mainstore)
Coco Suede Boots Brown (COCO Mainstore)
Aphorism ‘End of Days’ Tunic – White (The Secret Affair – opens March 15th)


OMabsoluteGERD (as I’ve never said before) this !Aphorism! End of Days tunic is just the most fabulous and unusual garment I’ve seen in Secondlife for some time. It really put me in the mood for some armageddonesque antics. I’ve been humming ‘We don’t need another hero’ by Tina Turner too. I accessorised it with some favourite items from MadPea, Random Matter, Coco, Little Bones and found the perfect pose at Grafica. The tunic is available in 6 shades and for men and women in various original mesh sizes. Now have a listen to Tina belting this out 🙂

What do you think?

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