Armageddonit Right Now

armageddon one

Down here in my bunker, I lie on dirty sheets,

dreaming of a life before, when I could roam the streets

without fear of robbery, maiming or abuse

but dreams are for the night-time, by day they are no use

welcome to the apocalypseCredits:

Photo 1 – Meri in leather

(r)m epunk boots (Redmint Marketplace)
Blueberry Arla Leather Bustier at Biker’s Choice Fair (Bikers’ Choice Fair Event 10/3 til 10/4)
Blueberry Ross Leather Pants (Blueberry MainstoreBlueberry Marketplace)
Little Bones Trouble (Little Bones Mainstore)

Photo 2 – The Bunker

[Fetch] Suldaan Bed – PG Rare
[Fetch] Suldaan Road Sign
[Fetch] Suldaan Welcome Sign
[Fetch] Suldaan Wooden Shelf

All [Fetch] Gacha items are available from The Secret Affair event in Secondlife which opened last night (15th March). Below you can see all available items in that gacha!


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