Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.

be happy be bright be you

Ahh I’m such a sucker for a good soundbite and ‘Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You.’ has all the required ingredients. I try to live by those very ideals – to be cheerful whenever possible, to create a happy atmosphere and although it sounds sucky – maybe to throw a little light when people can only see darkness. I think most important though is the last statement – be you. I’m very me, I don’t know anyone as much me as me and even when I adore or admire other people, I’m content being me.

A long time ago I went out for dinner with my mum and a couple of her friends. One friend, Linda, I had known my whole life and as we sat talking she said ‘Yeah, well, I’m pretty great’. And I stared. I’d never heard anyone be so self-congratulatory openly before and it not be somehow objectionable – Linda is not vain, smug or ‘into herself’, she’s very nice. I might have spluttered a bit, but when I recovered, I said ‘Yes, you are’ and she smiled. She said ‘There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself and being confident in that, it just helps other people love you too. I know I’m a good person and a nice person and I like that about me’.

I was oddly inspired. So, today dear readers, please be happy, be bright and be you – and love yourself for it 🙂


[Fetch] Be Bright Sign ([Fetch] Mainstore)
[Fetch] Alyx Set incl. Alyx Chair, Alyx Crate Coffee Table, Alyx Lounger, Alyx Ottoman
All Alyx collection available at Level Up – Action Adventure Round which opens March 19th (Adult versions also available). Incl lots of textures and poses built in, accessible via touch menu.
[Fetch] Suitcase Shelf – Six Tall shown (The Liaison Collaborative opened 15th March)


Meri’s about as likely to join the army as RL me is (not very likely thank you!) but this furniture from [Fetch] is so adorable, I couldn’t resist. It’s all original mesh with inbuilt poses and texture/colour change menus. There are 20 single poses in the one lounger, plus couples poses. I’ve not tried the adult version, but I’m assuming there are plenty more so you can get up to get down. Go get yourself some right now Soldier! (P.S. It does come with colours and textures that are not army based, for those of you not into that look).

Li’l retro sounds for you now…

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