Gimme a bo with a ho, gimme an ind with a ie, gimme… well, just anything cute really and I will happily put it on 🙂 As a blogger, some days you feel like ‘YAY, this is the best job/hobby in the world’ and some days you’re a bit ‘Mmmhphph, nothing seems to be working out today’. Luckily, today is a YAY day. I’m loving it. I’m also looking forward to making some nice food later in my new cooker (I killed the last one somehow, it just kept getting hotter and hotter with no thought for what was inside it). I’ll stop rambling and get to the good stuff.

Meri wears:

!Aphorism! Vintage Leather Jacket – available in black, brown, faded black, faded brown and antique. Each jacket comes with two under-shirt options (not shown). Get them at (Shiny Shabby Event from today! 20th March)
=Zenith= Tassel Bag Choco – Prev The Arcade Gacha Item (Check marketplace or sales in SL)
Foxes Tarot Necklace (Uber)
Foxes Tarot Top Peach (Uber)
Candydoll Raviosa banana (Candydoll mainstore)
.Atomic. Fox Socks – Red (Atomic Mainstore)
Tee*fy Edela Buttoned Skirt YellowHearts (Tee*fy Mainstore)
Moon. Hair. Pixie Harlow – Group Gift! (Moon Mainstore)


Mhmm lovin’ this !Aphorism! vintage leather jacket. I’ll be honest and say it cried out for denim shorts and casual boots, but I thought darn, everybody will go for that look so I will geek it up some – socks with sandals seemed a good place to begin. But, basically, it will go with everything and it fits so nicely (even with my Maitreya Lara on). I’m totally in love with this group gift from Moon – Pixie Harlow. It’s strange but several of my absolute long-term faves from Moon have been freebies, it’s very generous – a full colour pack. Go get the jacket and on the way back, drop by for the hair and then never darken my door again for I shall be wearing the same outfit 😉

What do you think?

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