Missed my Bus

missed the bus

“Hi, yeah. I missed the bus… I know, I know. Yeah, last one today, I guess I won’t be seeing you until tomorrow…. Yes, I am sorry, but it wasn’t my fault. I got the train okay, it just ran slow and I missed the connection… Mhmm, mhmm yeah. Well, I suppose I’ll find somewhere to sleep when it quietens down a bit. No, don’t worry! I’m a tough little bird, honestly. Ok, see you then, bye!”

Meri wears:

{Reverie} Gimme Shelter Backpack and Shirt (for guys and girls) at (The Secret Affair until 30th March)
Addams A Brand Cargo Pants (Uber opens today – 25th March)
Addams Chel Boots (Uber opens today – 25th March)
Little Bones Kyoto Hair (Little Bones Mainstore)
Zaara Banjara Kada Bracelet (prev. Collabor88 try Zaara Mainstore)
ISON Safari tribe bracelet (prev. Collabor88, try ISON Mainstore)
Baker’s Dog Tag Pendant (no longer for sale)


I thought these Addams A Brand Cargo pants and Chel boots went really well with {Reverie}’s backpack and shirt, especially for being stranded at a bus station overnight. Maybe I was going to a festival, maybe to see a friend, maybe to visit my mother or a distant lover, but hey… this outfit would get me through. I think.

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