Lazy Daisy

Lazy Daisy

I was supposed to go to the Dentist today but then they called and changed my appointment to Saturday morning – I mean, how totally uncivilised. To me, there is no Saturday morning if I can help it. So my Friday will be my Saturday. Today I’m going to do nothing at all. I’m going to stay in my jim-jams, drink hot chocolate or really strong black coffee – probly I’ll alternate them so that I appreciate each one more than the last – and I might watch Men In Black I, II & III. After all that effort, I might drag myself into the shower, get tidied up and hit the town. We’ll have to see.

Meri wears:

#187# Cosy Set Strawberry incl Doll, Top, Pants, Slippers, Eye Mask (Room69)
booN FRN503 hair (booN Mainstore)
ISON Safari tribe bracelet (prev. Collabor88, try ISON Mainstore)
The Beachstore – Chaise Lounger ‘Havana’ (The Beachstore Mainstore)

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