Lucky 7

meri 7th

Well, yesterday I turned 7. It should be a time for celebration, but sometimes I feel that milestones make you look at something and assess it and I’d be fibbing if I said I hadn’t done some soul-searching. It’s my RL birthday tomorrow too, you see, and seven years ago I had a week that was going to change my life. I signed up for SL on the 6th, had my RL birthday on the 8th, gave notice on my very responsible and taxing job on the 10th (without a job to go to) and met Thom on the 12th. 6 days to change your life. I felt at the time like I was driving down roads I normally took and then turning off in different directions – just to see what was down there.

I didn’t know that those decisions, which seemed unrelated at the time, would cause me to become who I am now, or would change absolutely everything about my life, my relationships – not to mention my socio-economic status, lol.

Within Secondlife, I’ve put a lot of time into AAi (and a lot of love) and it’s something of which I’m proud. It’s great to see people having fun and feeling it’s a place they can call a second home within SL. The club turns 6 next month, which is a great achievement in itself, and I couldn’t have done it without Thom’s backing – financial and emotional. He may be the ‘silent partner’ but his input is much needed and valued.

Now we’re fortunate enough to have Iain involved as manager. Having run his own club, the Bannister and Shamrock, with Becka, as well as DJing for AAi for years now, he knows exactly what the club needs and how to provide it. I guess this leaves me a bit more free to spend time on SL outside of those four walls and it’s something I’m looking forward to doing. I guess what I’m saying isn’t that I want to be less involved with AAi or the people who come and who are my friends, it’s that I’d like to be able to spend some time doing other things too. So, if I’m not there in body on the occasional night, I’ll be there in spirit.

I’m thinking that I’m driving along a road I normally take, but I’d like to turn off in a few different directions, just to see what’s down there.

Meri wears:

!APHORISM! Sleeveless Crop Top – Faded Taupe (The Seasons Story from 10 April)
!APHORISM! Sleeveless Cardigan – Check Rose (as above)
Grafica – Wrapped v – from Wrapped 10 pose set (The Pose Fair 2015 From 11 April – Landmark not yet available)
Maxi Gossamer Truth Owl Turquoise (Not available – similar MG owl on SL Marketplace)
Glam Affair Harem hakama pants (The Chapter Four)
Little Bones Lovestruck (Little Bones Mainstore)
.Enfant Terrible. Kia Headpiece Cyan (The Chapter Four)


Just WOW at these lovely items from !APHORISM! for The Seasons Story event. The Sleeveless cardigans are available in 6 colours: Black, White, Blue, Beige, Olive and Rose, and 3 designs, Plain, Striped and Check. The Crop Tops are available in 6 colours, each comes with 2 colour options, regular and faded. They really feed my inner hippy (my inner hippy is very fat). Also loving the Glam Affair harem pants at The Chapter Four this month, they feel comfy and soft. The Grafica poses are subtle and adorable in the Wrapped pose set. I’m told you’ll also be able to buy the poses individually, so if you’re strapped for cash, you have that option too!

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