Watching TV

Click to see HD on Flickr
Click to see HD on Flickr

What are you doing inside on a day like this? I’m erm… watching TV. Indeed, the good weather doesn’t have to mean a blaze of activity. This weekend I plan on doing very little, actually. There may well be some TV involved. I hope whatever you decide to do, you have a good one too!

Meri wears:

*Fishy Strawberry* bangles multicolour – old (Fishy Strawberry Mainstore)
+Half-Deer+ Obel Sneakers – Sunshine (+Half-Deer+ Mainstore)
.Chu. Starz Bracelet – Yellow/Orange (.Chu. Mainstore)
Moon. Hair. Amsterdam (N21 Event Exclusive)
Blueberry Koko Half Crop Top Mait, Belleza, Slink, 6 mesh sizes (Uber – opens April 25th))
.{yumyums}. Volly Girl Skirt in Spring Step (Wayward Hunt at .{yumyums}. mainstore)
Le Poppycock Fedora (Le Poppycock Mainstore)
What Next Little Haven Portable TV (What Next Mainstore)
Glitterati Floor Cushion (Glitterati Marketplace)
AviCandy Glitch Free Pantyhose (AviCandy Mainstore)


I can’t tell you how much I’ve been craving yellow, Spring gets me this way. So I was very, very happy when Blueberry said they were releasing this gorgeous Koko Half Crop Top in some zingly Springy colours. I won’t take it off, so you’ll be able to smell me coming for miles. It’s for Uber, which means you only have one day to wait before you can get your mitts on it.


This is the HUD for the fatpack… so you can see all the colour choices available to you. Mmm… looks like it’ll get me through Summer too!

AviCandy have brought out an SL first – Glitch free pantyhose, or tights as we call them on the small island where I live.

Here’s some info…

1) What does glitch-free mean?
Mesh bodies experience a problem when two layers are active on the body (ie. if someone tries to wear pantyhose/leggings with an applier skirt or shorts) called ‘glitching’. These pantyhose are the first of their kind to NOT cause that problem, so people can finally wear their clothing layer AND pantyhose at the same time!!

2) What bodies does it work for?
Belleza, Maitreya, Slink Physique and any mesh body that is Omega compatible.

3) Does the body need to use ‘mask mode’ for them to work?

4) What options do they come with?
Each pair of pantyhose comes with 5 skin colour options (this is because the pantyhose LOOK sheer, but they’re not, so they have skin colours underneath them to make them look ‘real’. Each HUD has:
* 2 stocking options (one with panties build it, one without); and
* 2 foot/sock options (one is glitch free and one is normal). The reason for this is to give users the option to either have glitch free pantyhose (which means they can’t see their toes because it has no alpha in it) or socks that will glitch, but they can see their toes 🙂

5) Okay so how do I use them glitch-free?
Easy – choose an ‘upper’ stocking type (panties or no panties) and apply to the underwear layer, then click the ‘glitch free’ applier for socks! Easy!

And here’s a shot of their HUD so you can see that it might even be easier than it sounds in the easy description.

avicandy hud

P.S. For a more high-denier look, I simply chose a couple of shades lighter than my actual skin tone – worked a treat.

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