UNIA – The newest game from MadPea



Del May Pose – Behind The Calm (Del May Mainstore)
MadPea Warehouse Decor (MadPea Mainstore)
MadPea Rusted Tractors (MadPea Mainstore)
MadPea Drive-In Sign (MadPea Mainstore)
Little Bones Kyoto (Little Bones Mainstore)
MadPea UNIA Jumpsuit and Sneakers by FATEplay (available as part of UNIA game HUD package)


The UNIA game from MadPea launched officially on the 27th April after over 2 YEARS of development. They say this is the biggest and best game ever to come to Second Life residents. Those of you who have become used to MadPea’s hunt type games should be aware that this is not cut of the same cloth at all. It is not a hunt or mini game, it’s a huge horror/survival game spread across 2 sims.

You can expect challenging puzzles, shoot outs, and collaboration art pieces from some of the best known artists in SL.

To take part yourself, you’ll need to buy a MadPea HUD package (which includes the outfits by FATEplay) and if you want to know more about how to play and what UNIA is all about, you should visit the MadPea Games blog.

In addition, Draxtor Dupres made a video trailer to give you a taste of what it’s about. You can view that on the MadPea Games blog too!

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