Show me the way out

Show me out

Waiting is one of the more uncomfortable sensations I experience. It ranks up there with toothache, phoning people to complain about something and saying ‘No’.

Time's a passing

Time is a commodity which cannot be wasted on waiting, ‘cus when it comes right down to it, when everything else falls away, time is the only thing of worth we have. Also, time shows up nicely on this watch 🙂

Meri wears:

::Maniac Store:: Mesh Elegant Hat – various colours available, blue shown (Room69)
[: B!ASTA :]:Shindra: Clutch black/indigo (B!ASTA Mainstore)
Glamistry Sunglasses PU2002 (Glamistry Mainstore: Glamistry Marketplace)
Moon Hair. //Eleven:11 (Moon Mainstore)
.Shi : Wrap Bustier for Maitreya body (Creators Collection Box)
RealEvil *RE* Raven Watch and Bracelet (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Beloved Jewellery: Fifi Earrings – from Fifi set (Room69)
::Ego – Jeans Mesh Denim – from Nax Outfit (Room69)
the pose shop. his chair (Room69)
Coffee Table with Scenes (The Beachstore)


For sure, the big name events have a lot to offer, but doesn’t it sometimes get on your wick that we all end up wearing the same stuff? For this post I decided to go off the beaten track a little with some mainstore releases and a couple of events you might not have come across. Sure, they’re not always 100% win, but you can find some bargains, unknown treasures and bits of magic if you actually go look 🙂 Happy exploring!

RealEvil’s latest mainstore release took my breath away – it’s just wow. I didn’t take the last watch release off for a week (which is an age for me) but this one I might have even more problems with. It again comes with a HUD so you can change all kinds of colours and preferences, and it’s a bracelet set, and it’s so gorgeous. Slobbers on it.

The .Shi top from Creators Collection Box is lovely, and includes an experimental size for Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. It fits really well, my only bugbear with it is that it doesn’t entirely stay put at the sides when you move. However, I do love to see individual work and, until Maitreya let designers have the rigging info, they are stuck with guessing.

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