Secondlife Fashion & Decor from ReadMeri | Lunatic a la Plage

lunatic a plage

If you hide yourself away somewhere quiet and spiritual on the eve of a full-moon, you will see the lunatics – the lovers of the moon. By day they could be your lawyer, the girl making your coffee, your doctor. By night they are transported to lunatic a la plage where they feel the cool, penetrating rays of the moon goddess and they worship her with passion and abandon.


Poses from Grafica (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Moon. Hair Boa – Group Gift (Moon Mainstore)
[Haste] Moon Bindi (prev hunt gift – try [Haste] Mainstore)

{Reverie} Venus Principle – Cerberus Statue – Pure [RARE]
{Reverie} Venus Principle – Renfield Rug – Pure
{Reverie} Venus Principle – Lucy’s Narch Sconce – Pure
{Reverie} Venus Principle – Klauses Chandelier – Pure [UNCOMMON]
{Reverie} Venus Principle – Nosferatu Fence
{Reverie} Venus Principle – Nosferatu Entrance
{Reverie} Wicked Wonderland – Cage Skirt – Pure [RARE]
{Reverie} Wicked Wonderland – Collar – Pure
{Reverie} Wicked Wonderland – Corset – Pure [RARE]

All {Reverie} items shown available from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (early access 6th May, opens 12th May)


The great thing about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is that it gives creators a chance to well… be creative. {Reverie}’s offerings for the Carnival are just awesome. They’re gothicy and detailed and special. Go you gacha addicts and get amongst it. Here’s the keys!

{Reverie} Venus Principle Key {Reverie} 'Wicked Wonderland' Key

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