Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Don’t mess with my Ju-Ju

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“What happened to you?” “It seemed to me that they were all out to mess with my Ju-Ju, to upset my equilibrium. So… well, I guess I ran away.”

“I can help you, little one. Take these garments and their bones will absorb the negative energies, your bones will then be free to take down your enemies.”

“So now I’m SuperMeri?” she said. “Yes, my child,” said the Witch Doctor, “each time you wear these clothes, you will be undefeatable. But remember!” he paused and looked into her wide eyes, “Dry-clean only!”

Meri wears:

Del May Pose – Stardom (Del May Mainstore)
[BREATHE] Mambo Heels Maitreya Mustard (The Chapter Four)
booN KB0906 hair (booN Mainstore)
!APHORISM! Ju-Ju Hat Blue RARE (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens 12th May, early access from 6th)
!APHORISM! Ju-Ju Skirt Blue RARE (as above)
!APHORISM! Ju-Ju Jacket Blue RARE (as above)


!APHORISM! have come up with another unusual and yet entirely wearable outfit for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I could, theoretically, go to the supermarket dressed this way, if I didn’t prefer deliveries. There is a gacha for men with the same styled outfit too. You could go anywhere in it too! Go get your ju-ju on at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which opens officially on the 12th, but I understand early access is from the 6th – I’m not sure who gets early access, perhaps try it and see?

Here’s the gacha key – have fun!

!APHORISM! JuJu Womens Gacha Key

What do you think?

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