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what's the plan

I’ve been trying to get some things done for a few events we’ve got coming up, involving AAi, first, we have our Guilty Pleasures festival on Saturday 30th May. We’ve had one for a few years now and it’s always a good laugh. This one is a bit special though, because it’s AAi’s sixth anniversary. We’ve never celebrated club anniversaries before and this seemed like a good oppportunity to really let go and enjoy ourselves.

Then, we are the guests for the indie music stage of the Indie Teepee Event on the 10th July, and I’ve got to do portraits of all the DJs along with a little bio. It’s great to have so much to look forward to, it’s just a case of making a plan of the things I have to do and getting through them.


Moon Hair – Boa – Group Gift (Moon Mainstore)
Addams Cardigan with Shirt ( Addams Mainstore – not on marketplace yet, I checked)
Blueberry Jinx Cuffed Denim Shorts (Fameshed)
[Fetch] Diver Helmet Lamp – 99l$/1li (The Secret Affair opens May 15th)
[Fetch] The Cartographers Desk Set (The Liaison Collaborative opens May 15th)
[Fetch] Zaid Room Divider (.IDK Event opens May 16th)

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