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close up chair whole room fetch

I saw that a friend had said something on fb about a man from his home town, who had gotten away with being attacked because he said he was from that place. I laughed and then realised I’d done a similar thing myself. I’m originally from Nottingham and on the rare occasions I’ve felt threatened, I’ve responded ‘Ah well, Nottingham girls are tough’. It’s not entirely true, of course, it’s just that Nottingham itself has a strange and in my opinion, largely unearned reputation for being the drugs and guns capital of the UK. I’ve never seen a gun in Nottingham, thank goodness, ‘cus my pumped-up bravado might fail me at that point and I may soil my pantaloons.

Less about my pantaloons! More about the content of my pics for you today 🙂

How to decorate your house in Secondlife today:

[Fetch] Razi Set incl. everything you can see in this pic except me! (The Fantasy Collective from 20th May)
There are 18 sits in the chair, another 7 in the stool, and each stunning item has between 1-3 LI only.

What to wear in Secondlife today:

!APHORISM! Bijou Collection Bracelet – Moonstone
!APHORISM! Bijou Collection Necklace – Moonstone
!APHORISM! Bijou Collection Waist Chain – Moonstone
!APHORISM! Bijou Collection Ring – Moonstone
(All at Shiny Shabby event starting 20th May, early access from 18th)

Essenz – Tenerife Peach for Slink or Maitreya on 21st May only (For 21Shoe event at Essenz Mainstore, buy peach get purple free!)
Blueberry Jinx Cuffed Shorts for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and SS (Fameshed)
Little Bones Pearl hair (Prev gift, try Little Bones Mainstore)
Bra – comes with Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya Mainstore)

Now for the close-ups! The !APHORISM! jewellery is so lovely and I couldn’t show you all the options in my pics, so here is the key so you can set your heart on stuff and then go get it.

!APHORISM! Bijou Collection Ad

I also wanted to show you a close-up of the Essenz shoes for the 21Shoe event.

shoe close up

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