Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Groovy Shoes

We all have to get a little crazy sometimes and I like to get a bit crazy often. Mostly, I’m a very happy and ebullient person and I’m sometimes asked what I’m on. The sad fact of the matter is that in my head, something like that little video is playing constantly – mentally I’m cavorting around to some naff hit of the 80s. And I like shoes. Lots of Shoes.

I’ve taken stills of the shoes, ‘cus the video isn’t quite there yet – Haha, who am I fooling? It was my first try and it’s dire. I know.



Lassitude & Ennui 21Shoe Roslin Pumps Black and Creme with HUD for the bow (Lassitude & Ennui Mainstore for 21Shoe Event – on 21 May only)

17237107663_8c6f9c905c_o 17669989930_478fbe9ee0_o

Ingenue:: Christine Corkie Wedges Tangerine and Aqua Lo Lo (Ingenue Mainstore for 21Shoe Event – 21st May only)

17671233129_662ac8e06f_o 17831139626_ee9d2f47fb_o

YS&YS Mykonos Wedges Strawberry and Banana (YS&YS Mainstore for 21Shoe Event on 21 May only)

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