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boxing dave

You’ll be happy to know that this picture isn’t the beginning of a political rant here on the blog, it’s merely an expression of how I felt following the general election. And it was kinda fun 🙂 No, in fact, I’m here today to tell you that as we’re going away for a few days in RL, I won’t be blogging til erm… *thinks hard* probably Sunday. So you’ll just have to do without me.

What to wear today in Secondlife:

Grafica Giorgio ii Mirror 10 pose set with boxing gloves – Exclusive to MoM (Men Only Monthly 20 May – 14 June)
Happy Undead Mini Skirt for Maitreya Lara (Happy Undead Mainstore)
Rowne Raquel Ponytail for regular head – used with booN raised hairbase (Rowne Mainstore)
Glamistry Echium Heels (Kustom9 opened 15th May)
Bueno Zipped Crop Top for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya Lara (Kustom9 opened 15th May)

Things you should know:

The Grafica Giorgio set is just great 10 poses including mirror poses of various boxing/kicking actions – with boxing gloves. It also comes with gloves for the TMP men’s body which works perfectly on my Maitreya Lara too (because you have to take off your hands y’see).

The Happy Undead skirt is a style I’ve had for a while, I got it a long while ago in standard sizes and it made my booty look great. However, it has now been reworked with a version for Maitreya Lara which they say is their experimental size, but honestly, fits like a glove – except not with fingers, cus that’d be weird.

The Rowne Raquel Ponytail – well, where do I begin? They released it primarily for their mesh head and sent out a notecard saying that it was for sale and included a version for the regular head. So I went and bought it (320l$), got home and found there was no hairbase for the regular head. If you saw their advert for it, quite honestly, the bases looked the best bit, they were lovely. I contacted them and asked and was told initially that it was made for the mesh head – er yep, but you also did a version for the regular head? I responded and they said that they would be ‘releasing hairbases for regular heads soon’. And they did! Their hairbases are available to buy separately at their mainstore. Being me, I objected to this approach as I’d already bought the hair, I just wasn’t able to wear it as it was advertised, and so they agreed to send the hairbases to those customers who had already bought the hair but that future customers would have to buy both packages if they were purchasing for the regular head. I’m stating all this here because I’ve not been over to their store so don’t know how obvious it would be to the casual shopper. Also because, in this photograph, I’m using a booN hairbase which does the job just fine. booN include hairbases with their updos, ponytails and plaits and they are also modifiable, so you can tweak colour etc. My advice, go visit booN Mainstore.

I’m also wearing Glamistry Echium heels here which are available right now at Kustom9, right near the gorgeous Bueno zip tops which it would be criminal not to get as you’re so close. You can’t see the heels well in this picture so you might like to go have a look at my blog Cat n Mouse, although I’m posting that close-up picture I took anyway.


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