Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Waiting to be carried

Waiting to be carried

If that’s the closest the boat gets to shore, than I’m going to have to stay here. There’s no way I’m getting my feather sandals wet, nor the bottom of my jumpsuit… What did you say? You’ll carry me? You’re just going to put your back brace on? o.0

Seriously tho’ folks… I sometimes despair of taking pictures in public places. It seems there’s always somebody who wants to get your attention. Today, for example…

First some background – when I get set up to take a picture, I get into position, apply the pose and check it all lines up properly. I get my camera angle right, I sort through my windlights until I find the right one and then – and only then – do I ramp my graphics up and turn ‘lighting and shadows’ on. This is because once I have done that, I can hardly do anything else aside from take the picture. I’m laggy as fook in other words.

So, I’d just done all that when what looked like a noob landed on my head and knocked me out of position. I took off my graphics settings and moved back into position. My IM box bings.

Reginald L*****: im sorry

He settled on the edge of the boat beside me. I derendered him so he wasn’t in my shot.

Reginald L*****: im here

I had already noted that and solved the issue. A few minutes passed.

Reginald L*****: hey

I sighed. The windlight wasn’t quite working, I went for a change and pretty much found the right one, subject to a bit of tweaking.

Reginald is now bored. He bumps me and knocks me off my mark. I knock off the high graphics, put myself back on my mark and put my movelock on. And then put the graphics back up.

Second Life: secondlife:///app/agent/119585ae-231c-48b3-a689-9b107a297741/about is offering friendship.

Would you be my friend?

(By default, you will be able to see each other’s online status.)

Second Life: Friendship offer declined.

Reginald had noticed when he bumped me that I was wearing one of those heart thingies that makes me fart red hearts when someone bumps into me. He bumps me a lot. I am not pleased about this. I decide to IM him back.

Mericat Ireland: Reginald, I’m busy right now
Mericat Ireland: I think my autoresponse will have said that?

No response… no reply from Reginald and he goes away in high dudgeon. I think I may be losing my touch with the menfolk. Of course you’re probably thinking that he was a noob and didn’t know what was going on and I should have perhaps explained earlier, but consider this. He was a 2007 avatar, in a photography sim, wooing me by landing on my head and making me fart hearts. Makes me swoon it does!

Finally Ashore

What to wear in Secondlife today?

Grafica cie pose NEW (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
**RE** RealEvil Raven Watch (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Mandala Kotowari short necklace (Mandala Mainstore)
.Olive. The Wicking Hair Blonde Mint (was a Wayward Hunt Gift, try Olive Mainstore)
Reign Avian Sandals in Seaspray  (was at The Seasons Story, try Reign Mainstore)
Blueberry Eloisa Strapped Jumpsuits for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, 5 standard sizes (Blueberry MainstoreBlueberry Marketplace)

About dese tings (not deez nuts):

Ok first things first. You have to go get this Blueberry Eloisa Strapped Jumpsuit. Of course, it has all the usual Blueberry perks – fitted mesh versions for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Venus, yada yada, Slink, yada yada, 5 standard sizes. But also, and mainly, it’s stunning. Each wrinkle is perfect, each seam a delight to behold. It fits so, so nicely. It makes my little legs look a bit plump, which I like. I should say at this point that the reason it makes my legs look plump is ‘cus they are plump. If you have streamlined thighs, it will look streamlined on you. It comes in 6000 colours (I forgot to count, but I’m thinking it was about 20?) and, dun dun dun… if you buy the multipack, you can mix and match, so have a different coloured top to bottom etc.

Grafica have a new crop of single poses out for May, of which this is one. They’re always thoughtful and photo-provoking, and you get a mirrored version too.

The RealEvil Raven Watch continues to be an every-day favourite of mine, particularly as I can change all the different gorgeous elements colours and textures to fit in with any outfit I put on. If you don’t have one, you probably should get one.

With love to everybody (cept Reginald) Meri x

2 thoughts on “Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Waiting to be carried

  1. Meri this post is brilliant, you made me giggle like mad!

    I’ve taken all my photos in sandboxes thus far, and have been IM’ed randomly which is unsettling as you know someone is camming at you from however far away. At least Reginald had the “decency” to land on your head and creep you up close! ^_^

    BEAUTIFUL shots, btw!!

    1. Ha, thanks Ever! You’re so kind. It’s these kind of interactions that make SL the wild and wonderful place it is – even if he did keep knocking me off my mark 😀

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