Secondlife Decor & Fashion from ReadMeri | Morning Burger

morning burger

It’s a glorious day. I wake with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth, my hair generating its own forcefield and drag myself into the bathroom. Once I appear less frightening, I make my way out to the trusty burger stand and give my order. “Three bacon cheeseburgers please and coke.” “Three cokes?” the man responds. “No? three burgers, one coke. I’m not a complete pig!”

The man rolled his eyes and set about putting my order together. Like he’s so skinny… tsk.

What to buy in Secondlife today:

Grafica – Gemydd ii – New release for May (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
.miss chelsea. Cropped Harem Pants Steel for Maitreya (Uber May)
Blueberry Mima Top and Bra (Blueberry MainstoreBlueberry Marketplace)
Moon. Hair Tangerine (N21 Event)
[Fetch] Dimmu Burger Stand with food (The Multicultural Menu Event opens Midnight May 31st)


You too can have your own burger stand if you go and pick up [Fetch]’s offering at the new Multicultural Menu event which opens on 31st May. I would expect that there will be tons and tons of items with all different kinds of food in mind. Course, you should dress for lots of walking around in the sunshine – eating – so these very comfy .miss chelsea. Cropped Harem Pants are nice and stretchy and the gorgeous top from Blueberry goes with absolutely everything.

As a side note, I also bought the hanky top which .miss chelsea. released for Uber and while it’s dead cute while I’m on a pose stand, as soon as I move (in my Maitreya Lara body) the top is disappearing into my midriff all over the place, so I’ve not been able to wear it out. A huge shame! I’ve not complained to the creator, because the pants were so cute basically. So, grab some comfy cute pants and go topless haha, or get this little beauty which is a new release at Blueberry mainstore.

Oh.. a little close-up


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