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Hoorah! Today is a day of fun and frolics. This is down to a couple of things… ONE I got some cool new shorts which seem to be made for messing around in and TWO I got a ton of fun playthings from MadPea for The Arcade Gacha Event. Read on if you want them toooooo.


Yeah, I have every right to look proud as I’m strutting around in my new helicopter.

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What to buy in Secondlife today:

Taketomi Ayame Blondes (Taketomi Mainstore)
Grafica The Fool i mirror (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Grafica The Fool iii (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Yummy Unicorn Cameo Necklace  (Yummy Mainstore)
Moon Spring Fringe Tubetop blue (Moon Mainstore)
!APHORISM! Bijou Collection Bracelet (Shiny Shabby event)
!APHORISM! Bijou Collection Silver Ring (Shiny Shabby event)
Addams Bermuda Denim Rolled w/belt (Fameshed event opens today, 1st June)
MadPea Cardboard Vehicles – Helicopter & hat (RARE), Double Decker Bus and UFO (The Arcade Gacha Event, opens today 1st June)


Well… Addams brought out these Bermuda shorts for Fameshed and they’re so godarn cute. You can choose between normal or rolled cuffs and there are plenty of shades and belt textures to choose from. Fitted mesh versions for Belleza Venus, Slink and Maitreya Lara are packaged with 5 standard sizes and the HUD.

MadPea’s Cardboard Vehicles for The Arcade are totally awesome. At first I put one on and thought ‘huh?’ and then I moved and it was so funny and cute… and then I realised that if you get bumped they do funny things. And, then I realised that they come with a game of ‘tag’ built-in, so you and your buddies can each put on a crazy cute vehicle and run around like mad things.

They have sounds, comic-book POWs, special visual effects and are just wonderful. Here’s the gacha key – now go play! (and then let me know so we can play tag :))

madpea key

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