Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Alice in Sexyland ii – Curiouser and Curiouser

Full length

Dearest Reader,

Today I found myself at the foot of some great stairs, except were they stairs after all?

They were not fixed to floor, nor to wall,
Not hung from the ceiling – No, not at all.
Once I recovered from my ladylike fright,
I took tentative steps and did not take flight.
I called to the top, where I could see no door,
“Alice, are you there?” and I think, no, I’m sure…
That I heard someone laugh, a low, throaty guffaw.

close up headdress

What to buy in Secondlife today:

deeR Mesh Multi Layered Skirt (deeR Mainstore : deeR Marketplace)
[Since 1975] RedHeart Nipple Band – from Gacha (direct tp to Since 1975 at Alice in Sexyland)
[Since 1975] Wonderland Horns (direct tp to Since 1975 at Alice in Sexyland)
.::IDK::. Gacha Sexy Alice #08 – Pose and Steps (direct tp to IDK at Alice in Sexyland)
Little Bones Lovestruck Reds (Little Bones Mainstore)
[BREATHE] Mambo Heels – Cherry for Maitreya & Slink (Prev. 21shoe item, try [BREATHE] Marketplace)


More previews for naughty but nice items at the Alice in Sexyland event, which opens on the 12th June. The event organisers have been kind enough to provide direct teleports to stores at the event, which means we bloggers can send you straight there – Yay to that! I’ve been and had a peek and it’s like a little village of stores in really lovely surroundings, you’re sure to enjoy wandering around.

What do you think?

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