Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Shiny Shabby Event Opens!

Aphorism suit textured

Thom and I watched a really interesting film last night, as we often do of a weekend. This time it was ‘Frequencies’ a Brit Indie film from 2013, about how people test at certain frequencies and if a very high frequency girl was to hang out with a low frequency boy, nature would rebel with spectacular results. Anyway, the boy goes to some lengths to spend time with her. It’s not perfect, but it is 1h 45m of being interested and enjoying yourself. Mini film review ovah!

As the idea of nature intervening if I were to mix with someone of a very different frequency was in my head, I decided it would be sensible to keep it simple for this post – just me and the sea, y’see.

reverie shoes

What to buy in Secondlife today:

!APHORISM! Montmartre Collection Shorts & Top Black (Shiny Shabby opens today!)
!APHORISM! Montmartre Collection Belt White (Shiny Shabby opens today!)
Izzie’s Nidhi Collection Obsidan (Kustom9  opened 15 June)
Little Bones Mouse (Kustom9  opened 15 June)
DATUM Gasoline Tattoo [Appliers for Mait | Bell | Omeg | Slink | TMP] (Datum Mainstore)
{me.} Ninna Bangles upper arm (me. Marketplace)
{Reverie} Soho Sandals Charcoal (Shiny Shabby opens today!)


I’ve been excited waiting for Shiny Shabby to open, partially because I knew it would mean new releases from two of my favourite original mesh designers – Aphorism and Reverie.

Reverie has designed the gorgeous Soho Sandals in 3 styles for fitting – for Jeans, Smaller Ankle, Wider Ankle, and in a selection of lovely muted shades – Black, Charcoal, Crimson, Off-White, Olive, Rose, Taupe and Vintage. I’m wearing the smaller ankle, which fit perfectly with my Maitreya Lara mesh body using Slink flat feet.

Aphorism has unveiled their Montmartre Collection of Top and Shorts with a gorgeous belt. The tops and shorts are available in eight different colours: White, Off-White, Grey, Black, Blue, Crimson, Olive and Plum. They’re not fixed together so you can use them with other clothing, of course.

DATUM’s Gasoline Tattoo seemed to be crying out for use with this outfit, but the high neck on the top precludes you from seeing all of it in those pictures. I will be blogging it again in all its glory very soon, for an Alice in Sexyland post I have in the works, but in the meantime, you can see the full tattoo by checking it out on DATUM’s Marketplace.

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