Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Do a little dance

Do a little dance

I’m sure you’re all thinking ‘Cripes! This is a bit racy for Meri, she’s usually so girl-next-door’ and you’d be right but… consider my predicament. I had to show you these nipple piercings from RealEvil, and I had to show you the leg tattoo from DATUM, and I covered the bit in between. I’m thinking actually, this could have been a lot more saucy.

realevil nipples

/me shimmies her nipple piercings around.

datum tattoo

/me shows off her two leg tattoo dance

What to wear in Secondlife today:

Tattoo | {DATUM} Emmanuel Tattoo [Bel/Mait/Omg/Sl/TMP/Stan] (Suicide Dollz Event)
Pose 1 | DM Body Check (Del May Mainstore)
Pose 2 | DM Stardom (legs pic) (Del May Mainstore)
Lingerie | Seddy’s Creations Feish Underbust Corset Black [Bel/Mait/Wow/Omg/Sl/TMP/Stan] (Seddy’s Creations Mainstore)
Hair | Little Bones Rude (Little Bones Mainstore)
Piercings | RealEvil Revox Nipple Piercings – options for men and women (Men Only Monthly Event)
Jewellery | Izzie’s Nidhi Jewellery set (Izzie’s Mainstore)


I’m not usually one for poking holes in remote places of my body, but I couldn’t resist the RealEvil Nipple piercings which are at the Men Only Monthly Event right now. There are male and female versions in the pack and I think, 6 types for each. This is version 1. At first I thought they were all set with an odd looking pinkish stone and then I realised – that’s the pokey out part of the nipple! So, if you’re a standard body stalwart, you too can have pokey out nipples, and if  you’re a mesh body lover, as you can see, they blended really well with what was already provided. The nipple and jewellery are colour changeable via HUD or by clicking on the piece.

{DATUM}’s Emmanuel Tattoo is so cute! It goes all the way from there, right up to there and comes with all the appliers you could ever need. You can see a lot of detail by clicking on the image above to view it larger.

Wishing you a fine day, blog readers! ❤

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