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Click to see it real big on Flickr
Click to see it real big on Flickr

I’m leading today with a somewhat solemn subject. How we are perceived in Second Life. It’s become blindingly obvious to me of late that – even though we all know our lifestyle and avatars in Second Life are not ‘real’ – people still judge others on those values. How bizarre! How strange!

Each and every person in Second Life has a real life, and one which is substantially different from their second life I should imagine. Take me for example (don’t actually take me, just let’s use me as one example). In Second Life, I am young and pretty (I think so anyway), I co-own an indie club, I have a perfect partner and designers give me clothes to wear so that I can show them off here and in-world. Wow! cool.

Perhaps unshockingly, in real life, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood are not banging on my door, demanding they provide their newest designs so that I can wear them. My real life business is very small and – as with all businesses in the current economic climate – isn’t making much money (not that clubs in SL are anything but money pits). My rl and sl partner are the same, but in rl he’s often late (a bugbear of mine) and once made a fart so bad I cried. I’m being flippant of course, but what I’m really trying to say is that my rl is not perfect. And when my rl is bad, I don’t tell everybody, I go into sl and escape for a while.

It all comes down again to that same old adage ‘There is a person behind every avatar and you don’t know what their lives are like’. You might perceive they have the world in a cup in Second Life, but ask yourself – if their life is so perfect in both worlds, why would they be on a computer most evenings? Wouldn’t they be out in the real world, being utterly fabulous and getting papped?

It might sound trite, but I get up each day and say firmly to myself ‘Be Kind’, because some days, it can be your saving grace and that of the people whose lives you touch.

What to wear in Secondlife today:

Hair | Little Bones Lovestruck – Hot Mess (Little Bones Mainstore)
Jewellery | Earthstones Kiss My… Belly Chain, prev Alice in Sexyland, try (Earthstones Mainstore)
Hair Acc | Taketomi Holly Mill Hair Accessory Jeweled Flower (Taketomi Mainstore)
Top | Foxes Tarot Top Peach (Foxes Mainstore)
Jacket | -tres blah- Lame Cropped Jacket (tres blah Mainstore)
Skirt | Bueno Summer Skirt [Bel/Mait/Sl/ss5] (Uber Event)


I love the combination of peach and gold. It’s like… Christmas, or weddings, or cakes, or sweeties, or a goddess, or heaven. I’m sure you get the idea. I built this outfit in a backwards, arse about face kind of way. First, I put on the fabby new Summer Skirt by Bueno with my Maitreya Lara mesh body, and then went ‘hmm’ and tapped my finger onto my chin. I searched ‘peach’ in invent, and found the Foxes top and then – seeing the gold detail on the top, searched on ‘gold’ and wham bam, thank you Ma’am, found the lame jacket from -tres blah-. In summary (Summery?), go along to Uber, buy your fave colour of Bueno skirt – or all of them if you’re feeling rich – and see where the mood takes you!

4 thoughts on “Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Peachy

  1. While rl circumstances and material things might be different in sl and rl you are one of the beautiful people, inside and out, in both worlds Meripops. ❤

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