Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | I woke up this evening

indie teepee

I woke early up this evening, and you won’t believe what I saw
A half-written folk song and my soul-sister on the floor
I helped myself to gummy bears and picked up on my uke
Began to play and still she made no movement or rebuke

I guess she’d partied hard and then, fallen into a slump
I wouldn’t wake her just in case she turned into a grump
She must have wandered blearily looking for her tent
And found my teepee on the way, when sleep was her intent.

As fellow festival lovers will know, it’s a common enough story. Girl meets teepee, girl loves teepee, girl falls asleep on ground outside teepee and wakes to find second girl all over teepee. Luckily in this case, it was Scarlet Schadenfreude who was zonked under my canvas, and so – as organiser of the super upcoming Indie Teepee Festival – she can sleep wherever she likes.

What to buy in Secondlife today:

Indie Teepee Eco Tote, which contains:
Indie Teepee Ukelele Anthem CM
Ukelele Wood Etched Flower
Indie Teepee Teepee Limited Edition
Food Machines – Candies, Gummy Bears, Jelly Beans, Peanuts

Ciggies | FNKY Cigarettes and Ash tray (FNKY Marketplace)
Hair | Olive the Waves wi Headband, was Christmas gift, try (Olive Mainstore)
Friend | Person unconscious in tent – Scarlet Schadenfreude
Top | Moon Fringed Tube Top (Moon Mainstore)
Panties | Shakeup! Eat Me Panties prev event [Appliers for Mait | Bell | Slink | TMP] (Shakeup! Mainstore)
Shoes | Reverie Soho Sandals in Rose (Shiny Shabby, opened 20th June)


The Indie Teepee Festival opens on July 10th bringing with it all things indie – shopping, djs, live performers, machinima, art exhibitions, live poetry readings. It’s going to be the nearest thing to a real festival we get in Second Life, and it’s going to be great! Of course, when any big event comes up, you expect to have to wait a few days to get in, which can be really upsetting… unless you can find a way.

Sheet Music for Ukelele
Sheet Music for Ukelele
Lovely food machines full of delicious treats
Lovely food machines full of delicious treats
The eco bag
The eco bag

Indie Teepee is actually offering a way to beat the crowds, and to go out that night in clothes that nobody else is wearing while casually saying ‘Yeah, I got early access to Indie Teepee y’know!’ You can spend 800l$ for the package shown above, which includes the limiited edition teepee itself, the ukelele, some sheet music and the four cute food machines, all in a sweet little tote bag. That’s got to be worth 800l$ of anybody’s money, but the cherry on the icing on the cake is, you get early access to the event. Yep, you get to go on the 9th and do your shopping in peace.

For lots of lovely info about Indie Teepee, please visit the Indie Teepee website.

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