Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Train


Choo-Choo! The Monday train came around I hopped right onto it, like a dutiful person. I had a tiny boost in my step when I was rudely awoken by my noisy neighbours at ten past wtf this morning. The reason? Mr Neighbour had come to the door last night to ask if we’d keep an eye on their place because they were going away for a few days. That means that I might, just might, have a few days of not being woken at hideous o’clock by Mrs Neighbour slamming every pot and pan she owns around in the kitchen. By heck, she’s one bad-tempered, noisy meanie and I’m not sorry to see the back of her even if it is just for a few days.

What to wear in Second Life today?

(BYRNE) Hibiscus Crepe Dress (Fashiontropic 7 – 30 July)
Wasabi Pills Raine Mesh Hair (Uber til 23 July)
{me.} Ninna Bangles ({me.} mainstore)
Reverie Soho Sandals (Shiny Shabby til 15 July)


This super dress from Byrne is one layer of sheer crepe with an asymmetrical hemline, which sits over a lovely slip dress in white or black soft leather. It’s sold seperately in two colours, crimson and magenta. It’s 100% Rigged Mesh and comes in 5 sizes, (XL)(L)(M)(S)(XS). I even love the simple underlayer dress on its own, but that’s something you can try yourself when you have bought it. You can find it at Fashiontropic!

The Reverie Soho Sandals have pretty much not left my (Slink) feet since they were released for Shiny Shabby on the 20th June, but, a little birdie told me that Reverie are preparing some more gorgeous boho/hippy/indie/festival type sandals for another event soon, so maybe they can compete with their sisters.

Despite standard sized mesh and sandals for Slink feet, I’m still managing to wear this ensemble with my Maitreya Lara Mesh body, I just knocked down the boobs and body fat a little 🙂

What do you think?

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